Countdown to Election 2016: Voter registration cutoff nears; early voting begins soon

voteEmployees at Tucson Medical Center are engaged in the community every day.

Beyond the work we do – caring for the sick and sharing information with the community to prevent injury and to improve overall wellness – TMC believes voting is another important way to build the kind of community we want to live in.

Aside from the presidential race, there are important ballot initiatives, as well as state and local political races that will all play a role in shaping policy that impacts public health and economic health.

Voter registration cutoff is Monday, Oct. 10, if you wish to participate in the Nov. 8 general election.

And it’s easier than ever to register. You can register to vote online at

Early voting also starts Oct. 12, if you want to avoid lines at the polls or have more time to deliberate on races and initiatives.

To obtain an early ballot or for more information about registering to vote or what your polling locations will be this year, please visit or call (520) 724-4330


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