Looking for healthy holiday options? Chef Janos and TMC can help!

Ibdp31074s that green bean casserole getting a little too tired for the holiday buffet this year?

If you’re looking to swap out the old standbys for healthy cooking options with a little pizzazz, Tucson Medical Center and Chef Janos Wilder can help.

Your community hospital and Chef Wilder have joined forces to share a vision for health and wellness, as well as helping patients and members of the larger community improve their nutritional choices.

How does a watermelon, roasted beet, tomato, peach and chevre salad sound? Or perhaps some refreshing minted honey glazed carrots are in order, or the colorful panzanella tomato salad?

Watch the cooking demonstrations by Chef Janos and download the recipe cards and the nutritional information for each dish as well – all free! Please visit


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