TMC partners with CODAC to help parents in withdrawal, facing other behavioral health needs

bdp35970CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness is teaming up with Tucson Medical Center to make sure that parents struggling with substance abuse, withdrawal or other behavioral health issues get the support they need.

At the invitation of parents, CODAC representatives are now coming to TMC’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit to connect directly with parents whose babies were born dependent on substances, such as opioids, and diagnosed with having neonatal abstinence syndrome.

In April, TMC opened an annex outside the intensive care unit to provide babies in withdrawal with a calming, quiet room designed to reduce the overstimulation they might encounter in the main unit. And because babies in withdrawal can be hard to console, specialized staff members are on hand to swaddle and rock them so they feel more secure and supported.

But nurses quickly realized more needed to be done for babies to have the most success.

“When you consider that most of these babies will be going home with their parents, it’s important to all of us that they go to an environment that is the best possible one it can be,” said Pat Brown, the manager of the newborn intensive care unit. “We have to support the families to be able to support the babies.”

TMC chose CODAC as its partner because of its evidence based practices and proven outcomes for families – and their children – in recovery from addiction disorders.

Parents have the convenience of signing up right at the hospital with CODAC representatives for on-site support groups, parenting classes and skills training as well as one-on-one therapy, peer support and case management. They address needs such as substance abuse treatment, trauma, postpartum depression or domestic violence.

“Having these services on-site at TMC allows the family to continue to be close to their infant while in the NICU and simultaneously get well themselves, instead of having to choose between staying with their baby or going to treatment off-site,” said Dennis Regnier, president and CEO of CODAC.

When family members – especially mothers – can be present with their babies in the NICU, infants have better outcomes including shorter length of stay and decreased severity of their withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, the mom and baby can start bonding early, resulting in improved health outcomes and future success for the child and family.

“We’re so pleased to partner with TMC in this endeavor to improve health and transform lives, working together for what matters most,” said Regnier.


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