TMC’s child-friendly Emergency Department specializes in pediatric care

new-picture-9As a parent, you know children aren’t just little adults.  So when an emergency happens, they need unique and special care that is appropriate for their growth and development.

The TMC Pediatric Emergency Department treats babies through teens with serious illnesses or injuries, 24 hours a day.

Melissa Ritchey, director of patient care services for emergency services, said there are several reasons parents should consider choosing care at a pediatric-focused emergency department:melissa

  • Child-life specialists. At TMC, Child Life professionals, dedicated to the emergency department, are skilled in communicating with children of all ages and work with children and their families to lessen fear and anxiety.
  • Dedicated equipment: Outcomes are better if you use equipment designed for children, whether that’s blood pressure cuffs or a baby scale. TMC also features sensory integration for children with special needs.
  • Specialized staff: Every one of our pediatric emergency nurses is certified to take care of little ones. That matters when it comes to calculating the right doses of medications, and devising effective treatment plans, such as pain management. It’s also why TMC is designated an Advanced Pediatric Center of Excellence.
  • Efficient care: A pediatric nurse assesses children within minutes, but a dedicated fast track helps streamline visits for less serious conditions, allowing children to go back home to heal if they don’t need to be in the hospital.

“Even as our providers and nurses work to help children heal physically, we also work to ensure their emotional needs are being met,” Ritchey said.

“We know that being in an unfamiliar environment can be overwhelming for children, so we work very hard to ensure that their hospital experience is a positive one so they can put their energy into healing.”


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