TMC holiday lights bring holiday spirit

lights1Red, green, blue and orange are blossoming from the roof tops and cacti at TMC. The festive colors are part of TMC’s annual effort to bring smiles and lift hearts during the holiday season.

The seasonal effort starts right after Thanksgiving, arranging lights upon the building, wreaths and runners along light polls, luminarios in courtyards and Santa hats atop saguaros.

The sparkle of the lights and decorations encourage the universal joy that this time of year is known for, when moods are lighter and thoughts are warmer.

“They are peaceful and joyful,” said long-time TMC employee Kathy Navarro. “They get better every year.”

lights5As your community hospital, TMC is focused on total care – recognizing that the environment and atmosphere are important elements in soothing and healing.

It is said this is the season of hope. Our hope is that the holiday lights will foster a smile from patients and families who are enduring health challenges. TMC will also gladly accept smiles from the young and adults as they pass by on Grant and Craycroft roads.

Here’s wishing you a safe and joyous holiday season with friends and family.


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