New artwork the centerpiece of Terpning Courtyard

terpningcourtyardA majestic  eagle sculpture was donated to be the centerpiece of the new Terpning Courtyard.

The artwork named “Above it All” was created by famed sculptor Sandy Scott, and is dedicated to Western artist Howard Terpning.

The courtyard was a gift to the hospital from Terpning’s wife, Marlies, to honor his contributions to TMC. Scott, a former pilot whose work is a favorite of Terpning’s, uses her knowledge of aerodynamics to portray the beauty and movement of birds in flight. She was influenced by Rodin’s use of movement and natural distortion, altering elements but preserving their characteristic appearance. 

Scott is one of the most acclaimed wildlife sculptors in America, and her work has been exhibited all over the country. TMC is truly fortunate to receive this rare art piece.

The new courtyard is located in the northeast area of the hospital, off of Ferguson Hall near Marshall Hall and the TMC Gift Shop. If you are visiting TMC, please take a moment to appreciate “Above it All.”



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