TMC introduces the two newest members of the K-9 unit

dargo-1Two new four-legged members of Tucson Medical Center’s K-9 unit arrived Sunday and are now getting acclimated to their new home.

Dargo, a quiet and poised black 2-year-old Czech Shepherd, is assigned to Jim Myers, patrol supervisor of the K-9 Unit.

Kingo, a spirited 13-month-old Czech Shepherd, will be Cisco’s new partner, with his previous canine partner, Orbe, retiring.

Both dogs are trained in Czech commands that facilitate suspect apprehension and area searches, serving an important security function. When they’re working, they’ll be all business as they keep the campus safe as hardworking members of the security team.kingo

But when released from that role, they will also serve as ambassadors for the hospital, charming patients as unofficial members of the pet therapy team and accompanying their handlers at future safety or career presentations at local schools.

In the history of the program, TMC security dogs have only been called upon to apprehend one suspect – but just having their presence on TMC’s 116-acre campus is a crime deterrent, said Myers, who has been at TMC for more than 25 years and helped launch the canine program in 1995 – the first in a Southern Arizona hospital.

“When people hear the term “police dog,’ they think of a dog that is fierce and mean,” Myers said. “But because of the environment we work within, our dogs also have to be very sociable – to a point where members of the general public can touch them, pet them and interact with them.”



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