Congresswoman McSally delivers books to TMC’s pediatric unit

mcsally1U.S. Representative Martha McSally on Friday helped brighten the holidays for small patients at TMC for Children, delivering dozens of books donated from the Library of Congress.

McSally’s office has distributed more than 400 books to community organizations throughout her tenure.

mcsally2 “Every kid should get to enjoy the happiness and excitement of the holidays. This is especially true for those children who will spend their holidays in the hospital,” said Rep. McSally. “That’s why I have been looking forward to bringing some extra cheer to these young patients at TMC and their families and to thank the men and women working through the holidays to provide them with care.”

Judy Rich, president and CEO of TMC, thanked the Congresswoman for her support. “One of the things that makes this holiday season so special at TMC is how the community comes together to support its most vulnerable members,” Rich said. “This gesture of warmth and care by Congresswoman McSally will ensure children and families here over the holidays will have a more festive experience this season and we are deeply appreciative of the support.”

As the presenting sponsor of the Tucson Festival of Books, Tucson Medical Center was not only appreciative of the Congresswoman’s support for patients, but for her efforts to support literacy. TMC for Children offers a library in the common area for patients and provides a free book to every pediatric patient.

“Literacy is a key factor for an individual’s lifelong health and wellness and it’s important to start the love of reading at a young age,” said Julia Strange, TMC’s vice president of community benefit. “Not only does it help provide a foundation for future academic success and economic stability, but it helps grow lifelong learners.”

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