Garrett’s Bears: “Christmas is about giving, not receiving.”

gt5Over the past four years, nine-year-old Garrett Tews has been brightening the holiday season for children at TMC and local hospitals.

Garrett and his parents, Ron and Leah, invest significant time and energy getting stuffed animals donated for sick children through an effort called Garrett’s Bears.

This year, the enthusiastic and generous family are celebrating a milestone, donating a four-year total of more than 2,000 stuffed animals. The fluffy toys are a joy for children the entire year-round, and lift spirits for the kids and their families.

Why has Garrett taken on this meaningful endeavor ? The mature young-man said it best, “Christmas is about giving not receiving.”





  1. Renne Scott says:

    I Thank you Garrett for you live and concern for other sick people. My 10 yr old grandson just had his 3ed open heart surgery this is day 4 after surgery He received a lg Stuffed Rabbit Which he had a very large smile on his face after getting it He loves rabbits and is in a lot of pain today But This made him So Happy I Thank You from the bottom of my heart for All you have done Have A Merry Christmas

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