TMC hosts art walk to revel in fine art, beauty on the TMC campus for the annual Beyond celebration

butterfliesTucson Medical Center has long believed art and the natural environment each play an important role in creating a healing environment.

It’s why our rooms all look out on a patio. It’s why we have a nature path surrounding our campus. And it’s why we feature a healing arts program, with gallery-quality art adorning the hallways.

As a longtime supporter of the annual Beyond celebration, TMC is offering something a little different this year at the Jan. 14 event: An opportunity to walk through TMC’s beautiful nature trail and halls on a path of healing arts, wellness and community.

Stops on the guided walk will include a look at ceramic, photographic and tactile art, as well as learning about the history of TMC.

There will be a total of five stops, including:

  • The new butterfly project bridge, part of a global art effort to paint a butterfly for every child lost in the Holocaust;
  • A temporary public art installation, covering the pediatric unit in yarn art, with a burst of color and whimsy.
  • Two examples of the myriad of painted works, graphics and photography adorning nearly 4 miles of hospital hallways.

Our 1.8 mile self-paced journey begins at 9 a.m. in TMC’s Parking Lot 29 at the corner of Glenn and Wyatt.

beyond-post-image“At TMC, we really want to promote the practice of going outside and being active as a way of building a stronger, healthier future, both as individuals and collectively,” said Julia Strange, vice president of Community Benefit.

“BEYOND is about pushing ourselves outside of our boundaries to try something new and to really refocus on the importance of family and community, as well as health – physically, mentally and emotionally. Art and nature are important pieces of that.”

BEYOND, which was initiated in 2012 by members of Gabe Zimmerman’s extended family to commemorate the first anniversary of the Jan. 8, 2011 shooting, offers many ways to remember, and also honor the community’s heartening response in coming together.

“BEYOND is a special day to spend with friends and family,” said Michelle Crow, BEYOND Organizer. “It is our hope that individuals and families will pick an activity to explore at a new location and enjoy the outdoors.”

For more information and registration, visit or the Beyond-Tucson Facebook page.

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