Generous donor inspires TMC Foundation gala; breaks fundraising record

2016gala8Every November, the TMC Foundation hosts a festive gala to benefit community access to quality and compassionate medical-care.

The recent 2016 gala focused on supporting and completing the capital campaign for the new Joel M. Childers Women’s Center at TMC for Women. The event drew more than 900 attendees and raised a record-breaking sum, thanks to the outstanding gift and philanthropic challenge of Dr. Sam Moussa.

The TMC Foundation gala has a well-deserved reputation for incredible music, delectable food and exuberant performances. Dr. Moussa did not disappoint when he took the microphone, relating a comical and sincere recollection of raising teenagers.

The heartfelt anecdotes brought laughs and sighs, but it was Dr. Moussa’s parting challenge that left the crowd awestruck. The charitable doctor offered an extraordinary gift of $100,000 if the audience would collectively match his benevolent donation.

The exceptional contribution, if matched, would meaningfully support the opening of the Childers Women’s Center; the culmination of a four-year effort to expand and centralize inpatient women’s services in a convenient, appealing and technologically advanced setting.

Event photography CandidsThe gala tables buzzed with excitement as attendees reached for donation envelopes and waited to hear the total. Dr. Moussa was confident. “This community has been so good to me, I wanted to give back and I knew the community would come through for the Childers Women’s Center.”

Dr. Moussa was a close friend of the late Dr. Joel M. Childers. “He was a great man and a great surgeon, and I’m honored to support the medical services he valued,” he said.

A Yale and Georgetown graduate, Dr. Moussa is a successful gastroenterologist who has conducted groundbreaking research, and prides himself on providing state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment services to his patients.

An immigrant of humble beginnings, Dr. Moussa has reached many notable accomplishments but has never lost his humility or his perspective. “The more generous you are, the more the world gives you.”

A strong passion emerges as Dr. Moussa discusses his work as physician – which is only matched by his passion to support the Southern Arizona community. He has thoughtfully donated sizeable gifts to many TMC endeavors, including TMC for Children. “I have had wonderful experiences at TMC, as a patient and a professional – I am proud to support a community hospital that is making a difference in people’s lives.”

2016gala2TMC Foundation employees and volunteers scurried from table to table at the gala, collecting donation packets and hoping to meet Dr. Moussa’s challenge.

The crowd’s cheer shook the banquet hall as the total was announced. Not only had the donors met Dr. Moussa’s challenge – they nearly doubled it, raising a record breaking $289,000.

“Dr. Sam Moussa’s charitable leadership inspired and motivated our donors,” said a grateful Michael Duran, vice president and chief development officer of the TMC Foundation. “His generous gift and efforts will make a positive impact, supporting accessible, high-quality care in our community.”

The Joel M. Childers, M.D., Women’s Center will open its doors this month, providing significant technological advancements, strengthened care and an environment conducive to healing and recovery.

When congratulated, Dr. Moussa brandished a wide smile and provided a few words that remind all what it means to give. “I feel great!”




Dr. Sam Moussa is an associate clinical professor of medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. He is a physician at Adobe Gastroenterology, PC, has been in practice for more than 20 years and was voted one of the Best GI Doctors by Tucson Lifestyle Magazine.




  1. This is a terrible portrait of Dr. Moussa, who is a very handsome man.

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