TMC provides safer sleeping environment for littlest patients

portable cribs for families in economic need

Lori Groenewold LCSW readies one of the portable cribs for a family

Too many children are still losing their lives in preventable accidents, even though since 2009, Arizona’s child mortality rate has declined by 14 percent.

The leading cause of unintentional injury and death in 2015 was suffocation, primarily through unsafe sleeping environments and co-sleeping, according to the annual Arizona Child Fatality Review

Tucson Medical Center is pleased to help provide safer sleeping environments for children who are leaving our well baby and newborn intensive care unit by providing cribs for families in economic need who don’t have a safe space for their little one to sleep.

While in the hospital, parents are taught the easy set-up of the crib and are asked to return demonstration prior to leaving. Along with ensuring babies are safe in their crib, parents are asked to always place babies on their backs to sleep, use fitted sheets and remove extra items in the crib.

This extra training for parents ensures the newborns are sleeping safely in their new home.

Last year, thanks to a generous gift from Arizona Department of Health Services Women’s and Children’s Health program TMC was able to provide 100 cribs.This year, the state has provided an additional 200 cribs, while the TMC Foundation has provided a grant for about 150.

“TMC has long been committed to improving safety for children throughout the community, from offering bike helmets to swim lessons, booster seats and car seat education,” said Hope Thomas, director of community programs for TMC.

“Providing education on a safe sleeping environment and providing a safe space for babies -instead of sleeping in a drawer or in bed with parents – is another way we are able to help prevent serious injuries and help children grow up safe and healthy.”



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