Acute therapy receiving needed support from TMC Mega Raffle

therapy3TMC’s Acute Therapy Department now has five iPads that therapists can use as they rehabilitate patients, thanks to the TMC Mega Raffle. The iPads are loaded with software and give patients an opportunity to work on cognitive tasks, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, balance exercises, attention deficits and visual perception skills while having fun.

“These iPads help make a therapy session feel like a fun activity rather than a time they have to work,” said TMC Occupational Therapy Assistant Amy Crumbaugh. “I use them a lot and for many different things. For example, I may use it with a stroke patient to work on any deficits they have on one side. With an orthopaedic patient, I may use it as a distraction while we work on standing.”

The iPad activities have a dual-benefit. The games help build needed skills and provide a welcome distraction from physical hardships. “Patients often focus on their pain, and it can be hard to progress them, but I’ve found that the iPads help with this immensely. It’s really nice to offer our patients something they enjoy doing,” said Crumbaugh.

Kathy Neff, TMC acute therapy manager, added, “Our therapists are very pleased to have these iPads. Patients are so excited and thankful when we bring out this technology. We instantly see them get engaged and stay motivated while doing an activity that’s appropriate for their needs. From a patient experience standpoint, it’s outstanding. We can’t thank Mega Raffle ticket buyers and the TMC Foundation enough.”


This is the third of our six-part series of blogs that show how the TMC Mega Raffle is making a difference for patients and the community.


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