Cardiac massage helping patients thanks to TMC Mega Raffle funding

The cardiothoracic surgery team at Tucson Medical Center is always exploring new ways to provide comfort and care to our patients post-operatively.

Medical massage, considered a complimentary treatment to western medicine, is a great way to help  patients feel relief from pain, stress and anxiety, muscular tension and swelling and so much more. The team has worked to develop a program that will offer massage to 250 patients.

041016-metro-judyrich-p5.jpgWith the help of the TMC Mega Raffle, a great number of our coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) and valve patients recovering on the cardiac units will receive medical massage treatments. “Massage is good for everyone as a relaxing therapy, but for these patients in particular, it can reduce pain and stress which ultimately promotes healing and a faster recovery,” notes TMC Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery Dr. Gulshan Sethi.

Patients may also experience improved circulation, a stronger immune system, and mood improvement. “Our goal always is to improve the patient experience and quality of care. By reducing stress, swelling, and improving the healing process, our patients will have a better experience during their recovery process,” said Anita Bach, TMC cardiac service line administrator.

Giving clinicians the ability to explore unconventional programs like this is a great reason to support the TMC Mega Raffle because something as small as a half-hour massage can have amazing results for a patient.


This is the second of our six-part series of blogs that show how the TMC Mega Raffle is making a difference for patients and the community.

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