Do you know someone who has been on this earth 100 years?

Help celebrate the lives of 100 year olds at the annual Centenarian event.jpgHelp us celebrate their life at the annual Salute to Centenarians!

Every year, Tucson Medical Center and Pima Council on Aging join forces to create the nation’s largest known annual party for those who are 99 and older.

Our goal is to identify as many folks as possible in this impressive – and exclusive – club to celebrate their collective history, their memories and their wisdom. This year is also a special time as we celebrate our own milestone: 30 years of hosting the free event.

The event takes place Friday, May 5 at the TMC Marshall Conference Center, 5301 E Grant Road.

Please help us make sure we don’t miss anyone! The deadline to submit someone’s name is March 10, 2017. Please contact Jan baker at Pima Council on Aging at 790-0504 or email


  1. Sheila Runke says:

    I am getting old, too, and I was never asked by the nurse to sign my clinical records and I don’t know how to come out of this remission. It was so long ago and I have been in Sweden and around the world a bit but this hasn’t left my mind. I was a student then and it was a new program so I waited but then I became into situations in which I was difficult to contact. Better now, maybe. I can’t believe that it would be unimportant to the case even if I can’t do anything more with it in my academic situation. I’m at a loss here, could someone contact me. Dr. Lee Moss directed the new program.

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