Tucson Medical Center, Live Happy invites all to join #HappyActs Celebration

Small, simple actions of kindness help create a better world.

Tucson Medical Center is pleased to join with Dallas-based Live Happy to build awareness around the steps we can each take to give meaning to International Day of Happiness on March 20.

TMC will host a “happiness wall” at our 13th annual Be Safe Saturday, a fun, free event on March 18 dedicated to promoting children’s safety. The wall on the TMC campus will be one of about 100 around the world – and the first at a local hospital.

Families can pick up free booster seats, bicycle helmets, child ID fingerprinting, car seat checks and information on water safety and heat safety at the event, which takes place on parking lot 11 on the TMC campus.

happyfingersWhile there, they can stop by the happiness wall to pledge an act of kindness, known as #HappyActs, whether that’s leaving treats for the crew who cleans the office, sharing an unexpected compliment with a stranger, weeding for an elderly neighbor or leaving a more generous tip for your server.

“Happiness is a choice and something we can always continue to work on,” said Deb Heisz, CEO of Live Happy magazine and author of Live Happy: Ten Practices for Choosing Joy.  “We are pleased to join with Tucson Medical Center in inspiring people to engage in purpose-driven, healthy, meaningful lives.

Mary Atkinson, the director of wellness at TMC, noted research shows intriguing links between emotional vitality and good health. “Just as it is important to get regular checkups and regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle also should include cultivating positive emotions and emotional resilience. Performing kind acts for others is one way to fulfill that goal.”

Be Safe Saturday will take place from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. on the TMC campus, 5301 E. Grant Road.

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