TMC information technology specialist prepares to dance for diapers

MichaelGriffisMichael Griffis is no stranger to movement. He kicks soccer balls, rides a bicycle and swings tennis rackets on a weekly basis.

But when he started practicing tango for his upcoming performance to raise funds for the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, muscles that were used to fast-twitch sports motion suddenly started protesting at the slow, sustained movement demanded in the sultry dance.

Griffis, director of Information Services at TMC, hasn’t had to break out the dance moves since his high school musical years –but he’s nothing if not an avid competitor as he enters the final weeks of his Dancing With Our Stars tenure.

“Strategies are top secret and we’ve had to be pretty sneaky since several other professional dancers dance where we practice,” he said.

He’s most concerned about fellow competitor Nathan Stupiansky from UA Health Sciences. “He looks like a contender – like the kind of guy who could really get down on the dance floor,” he said. But he’s feeling pretty confident, with professional dancer Amanda Skaff in his corner. Her mom, Elizabeth, works at TMC as a nurse in neurosurgery, so Amanda’s hometown connection is helping to inspire Griffis to bring the drama to the dance floor.

Joking aside, Griffis said he is honored to play a role in supporting the nonprofit. “I really appreciate the work they do in the community to help the underserved get the basic products they need, whether that’s young children or aging adults,” Griffis said.

The annual Dancing With Our Stars fundraiser is based on the popular ABC series “Dancing with the Stars,” and Griffis said he’s looking forward to the upcoming season. “I think I’ll be rooting for actor and comedian Chris Kattan,” he said. “Maybe he will bring out some ‘Night at the Roxbury’ moves.”

Show your support with a vote for Michael and Amanda! Each vote costs just $10 and along with the prestige it brings to the winning dance couple, the Diaper Bank is able to distribute $30 worth of incontinence supplies to the most vulnerable members of our community.


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