Doctors, nurses share implications of federal health reform (BCRA)

What our health care providers are saying about BCRAThe medical community has not had any substantive role in drafting the proposed health care reform legislation in Washington, D.C.

Doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses who practice at Tucson Medical Center have created videos to directly share their perspectives and concerns on behalf of patients who would be affected by changes to Medicaid as envisioned in the proposals.

“As a nonprofit community hospital, TMC provides educational and community events throughout the year on a variety of different topics, from heart health to water safety to nutrition,” explained Julia Strange, the vice president of community benefit for TMC.

“In this particular case, we have been getting a lot of questions from staff and providers and the community about what these legislative proposals would mean to the community and to hospitals,” Strange continued. “We believe it is important to focus on policy and not politics, so these videos are an opportunity for providers to share their perspective, as those closest to serving patients.”

Hear directly from clinicians in the following videos. You can also view all the videos on our YouTube channel.

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Greta Gill – Nurse Midwife

bcra, healthcare

Mimi Coomler, RN, CNO





Dr. Donna Woods, ED Physician

Joey Rodriguez, RN






Melissa Young, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Melissa Young, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Kimberly Fore, RN







Dr. Pal Evans, Physician

Dr. Daniel McCabe





Randy Friese, MD, trauma critical care provider.

Donna Woods, ED physician, reading a poem she wrote

Mimi Coomler, RN, speaking about her son with Type 1 diabetes

Regardless of your viewpoint, please consider sharing your own perspectives and stories with your elected leaders in Washington as they collect feedback from their constituents to help inform their vote. For more information visit Save AZ Health Care’s website. 

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