TMC Offering FREE, Online Childbirth-Preparation Videos

Anyone who is bringing a new life into the world has questions about what is best for mom and baby.

Tucson Medical Center now offers their FREE birthing presentations –online . Although informative and helpful, the online videos are best used for distance learners and a refresher for those who have previously taken a class.

Nothing can completely take the place of a face-to-face, expert-led child birth class and we encourage first time parents to take one or more of the TMC Preparation for Childbirth classes.

Childbirth VideosHow do I sign-up for the online videos?

There’s no sign-up, no cost and no requirement – just point and click on the five, fun and informative courses. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



What will I Learn?

The videos focus on childbirth basics and preparation –viewers will learn what to expect throughout the journey, from pregnancy to birth.

Is this just more hefty reading?

Absolutely not! In each video, the viewers are an interactive part of a presentation facilitated by TMC’s own Certified Childbirth Educator Margie Letson.

With 30 years of experience, Margie has a strong grasp of the clinical information and effective communication techniques. Many say they found the videos to be fun, as well as informative.

Do I have to watch every video?
Childbirth videos 2
No, there are no requirements. Viewers do not have to watch all videos, do not have to view them in order and do not have to view them to completion. The presentations can be started and stopped at anytime and even viewed more than once.

Moms and families can pick and choose which videos are most applicable to their concerns and questions. Although, most viewers say they benefited from every video – so we recommend trying them all.

How long are the videos – is there an exam?

The length of the presentations varies from about 20 minutes to about 1.5 hours, depending on the subject. Remember, the videos can always be stopped at any time and viewed at a later date.

There are no questions, exams or other requirements – just the information moms and families need when it is convenient for them.

NICU Blanket PhotoA meaningful resource

“The childbirth videos are a helpful service for expectant parents that are not able to attend TMC classes,” said Certified Childbirth Educator Margie Letson. “For parents who have attended the TMC childbirth classes, the videos offer reinforcement on what they learned and practiced.”

For answers to your questions or for more information, please call Kellie at TMC Family Support Services, (520) 324-1817.


Additional Support

CHildbirth Videos 5Online Guide for New Parents

Tucson Medical Center also provides an Online Guide for New Parents. From breastfeeding to diaper changes, and fingernail care to breastfeeding – the six pages of bullet points are a helpful resource of need-to-know facts.


Birthing and parenting classes

TMC offers additional birthing and parenting classes to the public. These courses are live presentations at the TMC campus. Attendees receive materials and have the opportunity to ask questions.

You can view the TMC class calendar and register for courses online. Please note that some courses require a fee. Click here for childbirth and parenting class overviews.

TMC Mom-Baby UnitMaternity Services Tours

Moms and families can take a FREE tour though the labor and delivery area, as well as the mom/baby unit where she will be staying. No pre-registration is necessary and families are welcome! Click to find upcoming dates of the tour.





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    Lucky guy.
    How can I find out if I won anything ?

  2. jessica says:

    Thanks for the online birthing class. I realize this tutorial is 3 years old, but with stay-at-home measures due to COVID-19, many in-class courses have been cancelled and they are charging a ridiculous amount to attend online. This video has been helpful for me and my partner.

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