TMC Mega Raffle -Thank you Tucson for a record-breaking year!


The TMC Mega Raffle celebrated a record breaking year, selling out tickets faster than ever before! And that wasn’t the only record broken – the 50/50 jackpot reached a record-high of $693,600.

“We are so grateful to the community for their extraordinary support,” said Michael Duran, TMC vice president and chief development officer. “Mega Raffle proceeds directly contribute to hospital services, programs and equipment that help provide exceptional health care with compassion to the communities we serve.”

Last year, Mega Raffle funds brought the most advanced echocardiogram imaging machine to TMC, and supported new cardiac rehabilitation equipment for heart surgery patients. The TMC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit received a new transport incubator, providing life-sustaining care for infants who must be transported across Southern Arizona.

“We thank each and every ticket buyer for supporting Tucson’s locally owned-community hospital,” Duran said. “The Mega Raffle also has some incredible prizes and we wanted to share some of the winners’ stories with you.”

Grand Prize, A.F. Sterling Home

Frank and his wife, Sherrie are Tucson natives that have entered the TMC Mega Raffle the last couple of years. This year they purchased one ticket and entered the 50/50 jackpot. “TMC is a big part of our family and we love this cause,” said Frank.

Their children were born at TMC and their daughter has received treatment for her Asthma. Sherrie also worked at TMC as a clerk in the emergency room when she was attending school at the University of Arizona. When Frank learned that he was this year’s grand prize winner of the A.F. Sterling Home or $600,000 cash, he could not believe it.

Frank and his wife both work for local school districts and their winnings will allow them to help their children with their college education. “This is life changing for us – we are so grateful to TMC,” Frank said.

50/50 Jackpot, $693,600

Barbara Gomez of Mesa, Arizona, is a retired engineer that worked for the state of Arizona for 32 years and has been entering the TMC Mega Raffle since it began. Two years ago, she won Omaha steaks and was thrilled. This year, she was shocked when she learned she was the 50/50 jackpot winner and will be splitting $693,600 with TMC!

Gomez is a cancer survivor that received care at TMC almost 40 years ago. She said, “I’ve had blessed life and need to give back. I had health issues and members of my family have too, so anything I can do to support this cause, I want to do.”

Gomez said she’d like to do some things for her grandchildren and give to her church. “This is amazing, but even if I never won anything, I would keep entering.”

Grand Prize, 2018 Lexus LC

Beverly Kudla planned to enter the TMC Mega Raffle the last few years, but said she always missed the deadline.

This year she was determined to enter and she’s glad she did, as this years’ grand prize winner of the 2018 Lexus LC or $150,000 cash option. Kudla’s late husband received care at TMC before he passed away last May.

After learning she won the grand prize, Kudla shared that the day after the final drawing would have been her husband’s 88th birthday. “This is really a gift. I always wanted to enter win or lose because TMC has been good to us,” Kudla said. With her winnings, she hopes to plan an exotic vacation to celebrate her 84th birthday.

Honda Civic and $9,500

Andrew Kent has entered the TMC Mega Raffle every year but never won anything until now. “My family has a strong connection with TMC,” he explained. Growing up, his father was an anesthesiologist at TMC and his mother was involved in the TMC Auxiliary.

Kent’s four daughters and two grandchildren were all born at TMC and he worked at the hospital in transportation to help earn money while he attended college and graduate school. A retired school administrator that now works as a dean of students, Kent was excited and shocked to learn he’d won a 2018 Honda Civic and $9,500.

Toyota C-HR and $8,500

Melinda Diaz works as a server at a local restaurant and it was her day-off when she got the call and learned she’d won the 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE plus $8,500.

“This news could not come at a better time,” said Diaz. “My car is not working right now, so this is amazing news!”

Diaz has entered the TMC Mega Raffle for several years, but this is the first time she’s won a prize. Her friends and family have received care at TMC. “It is a good cause and something worth giving my money to,” Diaz said.

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