TMC chaplain shares blessing for relocated Pediatric Emergency Department opening Monday

BDP47481.jpgOn Monday Tucson Medical Center opens its newly relocated Pediatric Emergency Department.

The 14-bed department relocates to TMC for Children, which includes the pediatric inpatient and intensive care units, allowing TMC to better integrate comprehensive children’s services. The new department is accessed by going through the main TMC for Children entrance on the hospital’s south side.

“With all services in the same area, it will allow for more timely collaboration with pediatric specialists and better coordination of care for our youngest community members,” said Dr. Moira Richards, the medical director of TMC for Children.

Staff were recently invited to celebrate the $2.7 million renovation of the new space and share a blessing BDP47475with TMC Chaplain Mary Klaehn as they prepared to transition from the old space:

May this place be a place of blessing and health.
May these doors be wide enough to receive all those who are in need of healing.
May this be a place of welcome and hope to all those who are hurting…in body, mind, or spirit.
May this be a place of safety for all who enter.
May this be a place where the door is too high to admit complacency, selfishness, or harshness.
May this threshold be no stumbling block to young feet.
May this floor lighten the steps of all who tread upon its surface and be a stable place to stand.
May the foundation upon which we stand sink its roots deep into the earth from which we
sprang and to which we will return.
May these walls soak in the rich sounds of laughter and loving,
            drain away the pain of those who are hurting,
            and be protection from the fiercest winds of adversity.
May this roof hold strong and provide shelter for all who seek it.
May this place be a home to creativity and kindness.
May those who visit here and work here know only blessing and peace.
May it be so.  Amen.

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