11 years and counting – TMC employee takes volunteerism up a notch

Tucson Medical Center is fortunate to have the support of passionate volunteers – and many of those volunteers are TMC employees like Heather Burkett, donating their time and effort to build a safer community.

All in

TMC sponsors and participates in community-based events throughout the year, providing free bike helmets, safety information, free car seats, school supplies and much more. It’s an important way TMC contributes to the overall health and well-being of the communities it serves.

If you attend any such events, you’ll find a TMC table or two with friendly volunteers like Burkett, helping fit children to the right bike helmet, handing out pool safety tips, offering health-related prizes and the like.

From an early age

“I’ve been volunteering since age 10,” said Burkett, who has been working at TMC for nearly twelve years in central scheduling. And she has been volunteering for TMC ever since she signed on the dotted line.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Burkett said. “You get to see the diversity of our community and meet so many people – I’m so glad that TMC participates in ways that allow me to keep volunteering.”

Above and Beyond

Many TMC employees donate their time – it’s part of the community-focused culture of the hospital.

“We really are lucky to have so much staff involvement,” said Jessica Mitchell, CPSTI, the TMC community outreach coordinator. “With busy lives and families, we don’t expect employees to volunteer at every event – but Heather Burkett does.”

Mitchell said It’s more than Burkett’s frequent presence that makes her memorable. “It’s her positive spirit and cheerful smile – no matter how busy the event is, what the weather is like or how early we are volunteering, she brings happiness and it spreads to the staff, children and families.”

Real reward

Although Burkett enjoys meeting new people in the community, she explained her true motivation to volunteer.

“It is a great feeling to know you are helping families, but It’s so rewarding to get feedback from people when they tell you they were born at TMC or a relative recently stayed at TMC and had a good experience – you get to hear their story and appreciation.”

What’s next?

Burkett has logged more volunteer hours than most do in a lifetime – so, does she intend to continue volunteering?

“Oh yes!” she said. “I will always try to do as much as I can.”


Click here for more information about the TMC Desert Kids Safety Program. And don’t forget to check out the Safe Kids Pima County page as well.


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