Soap, Suds and SAHA – Collaborating together for S.AZ

hospital laundryTucson Medical Center is collaborating with its rural partners in the Southern Arizona Hospital Alliance to provide laundry and linen services. This project, which is launching first at Northern Cochise Community Hospital in Willcox, will provide this service at a lower cost than commercial options.

“This is one of many initiatives that have been developed through SAHA to strengthen the nonprofit hospitals serving rural communities throughout Southern Arizona,” said Susan Willis, executive director, Strategy Development, and a member of the SAHA board. “I want to thank the leadership of the TMC Laundry – particularly Richard Parker, the director of TMC Facilities and Plant Services, and Lacee Kimball, manager of Laundry Services – for their efforts on this project.”

TMC’s Laundry operates 365 days a year laundering 13,000 pounds of laundry each day, said Kimball. “We have a great team and when asked if we could support our SAHA partners, we came together to make it happen. The first delivery rolled out of the TMC Laundry on July 2, arriving at the Willcox hospital just a few hours later.”

Started in 2015, the Southern Arizona Hospital Alliance includes five independent, nonprofit community hospitals. The alliance works on projects that leverage each member organization’s expertise to collectively improve clinical care coordination and the quality of care provided throughout the region.


  1. Surprised—TMC’s laundry dept mgmt needs all the help they can get.

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