TMC’s team of diagnostic nurses receives national certification for conscious sedation

Diagnostic nursesConscious sedation is a technique that is sometimes used when a patient might need a little extra help relaxing or some additional pain relief for a procedure.

Although patients are awake and recover quickly, it’s important for nursing staff to have expertise in assessing and monitoring patients.

Nine of Tucson Medical Center’s 12 diagnostic nurses recently completed rigorous study and testing to receive national certification in conscious/procedural sedations. The remaining three members of the team are currently pursuing certification.

“This certification means from pediatrics to geriatrics, our nurses have the additional education and the skills to ensure we’re providing the best care for patients who may need assistance with claustrophobia, anxiety or pain relief,” said Rachel Byrnes, manager of diagnostic nursing services.

“This certification, which meets accreditation standards for hospitals, helps ensure our patients have that additional sense of security and confidence that the care they’re receiving is safe and high-quality.”

The certification was made possible through a grant from the TMC Foundation, the philanthropic arm of TMC, which raises money to support programs, facilities and equipment to improve the health of Southern Arizona’s residents.

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