Monday’s the last day to register to vote in the primary election

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A number of important, hotly-contested races are on the Aug. 28 primary election ballot.

Make sure you have a say in who will represent you in the nation’s Capitol and at the state legislature.

If you’re not registered yet, July 30 is the cutoff date.

Primary elections may not get as much buzz as general elections, but in many districts with lopsided partisan registration numbers, the primary is where the real decisions are made.

There are a few reasons you would need to complete a new registration form:

  • You’re a new resident to Pima County
  • You’ve changed your address since the last time you registered
  • You’ve changed your name
  • You want to change your party


Make sure your voice is counted. Register to vote online. 

If you’re not sure if you need to register, you can check your status by going to the Pima County Recorder’s website.

And don’t forget, if you’re an independent voter, you may choose the partisan primary you’d like top vote in.

Questions? Call  the Pima County Recorder’s office at 520-724-4330.

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