Mission Moment: TMC ICU staff give back to our community

TMC ICU Gospel volunteersWhen a number of nurses on staff in the Adult Critical Care Unit (ACCU) expressed to Clinical Nurse Specialist Angie Muzzy a desire to find a way to give back to our community, they had come to the right place.

“I said I know about a couple of great opportunities for us. One is the Gospel Rescue Mission Women and Children’s Shelter and the other is volunteering for a Habitat for Humanity build,” said Muzzy.

At the Gospel Rescue Mission, groups can purchase and bring in food and then cook a meal for the women and children staying at the shelter.

“It’s really a gift for us because it gave us the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful program and do something tangible for women and children that need a helping hand.”

A group of nine nurses and one pharmacist pooled their resources to plan, purchase and make a nice Italian meal for about 100 people. They bought 20 chickens from Costco, pasta, sauce, meatballs, salad, garlic bread … the works.

“When we asked what kind of food would be best, they said meat, any protein. And it was great because there was leftover chicken that the chef was able to use the next day for another meal,” said Muzzy.

She added of the experience, “It was just a nice way to spend an afternoon. You leave there feeling like you did something great.”

When Muzzy reached out to the folks at Habitat for Humanity they said they had ten open spots for the September build.

Overwhelmed by the response to participate, they were able to take a group of ten and had a waiting list of ten more.

The group plans to continue finding opportunities to get out in the community and volunteer at least twice a year.

Tucson Medical Center recently adopted a new mission statement. To celebrate, we are sharing a series of “mission moments” throughout the year.

What are mission moments? They aren’t necessarily dramatic stories of heroism, although our medical staff saves lives every day. These are moments that breathe life into words – moments that are profound or powerful or touching and that remind us why we do the work we do. Hundreds of these reminders happen every day. Thank you for letting us share some with you.

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