“I have the best job in the world!”

A TMC nurse takes her education to the next level

sandra goza rnEmpowered – that’s how Sandra Goza describes the feeling she gets as she arrives at TMC to begin her nursing shifts. “When I walk through that door I know I have the power to make a positive difference in someone’s life.”

With an extraordinary attitude and a strong work ethic, Goza is admired by both her colleagues and by patients. Recently, the experienced nurse took her training further by achieving a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN), and graduating with honors.

“You’d make a great nurse”

After owning her own business in Baltimore for many years, Goza moved to Tucson in 1996 and got her first job with TMC in housekeeping and transport. Soon after, she became a unit associate and was motivated to continue her professional career in patient care by her coworkers and the physicians in the Emergency Department.

“The reason I am here is the people I worked with believed in me,” she said. “I took it to heart when they told me, ‘Sandra, you’d make a great nurse.’

Stepping into nursing

After completing her schooling and internship, Goza started her nursing work in the TMC Emergency Department, and from there she made the move to the Pediatric Critical Care Unit to further develop her skills.

For the last twelve years, Goza has made the Neurology/Neurosurgery Unit her home. And of course, as any nurse will attest, floating to other units has become another way of helping nurses develop their skills floating for many years to help staffing in other areas.

“I’ve worked in every unit at TMC except one area,” Goza said. “I have learned how to provide care across the entire spectrum.” While working in the Neurology/Neurosurgery Unit she became a certified neuroscience registered nurse (CNRN), a coveted and noteworthy achievement.

Appreciative and humble

In 2011, Goza was honored with a Daisy Award, an international program that rewards and celebrates nurses with extraordinary clinical skill and compassion. The TMC Professional Development Council reviews the nominations and selects an honoree every quarter.

Goza was appreciative but remained humble. “It really meant the world to me when they read a heartfelt patient letter – but the whole time I was thinking, ‘Wow, is that really about me?’”

Helping people heal

With so much experience and the strong respect of her teammates, one might question why she decided to take on more education.

“When you are facing in the right direction – all you have to do is keep walking,” she said. “I am always striving for better and I have no intention of stopping.”

Additional benefits

An “ever-forward” outlook was only part of Goza’s drive to get her BSN. “What nurses do is such an important part of helping people heal,” Goza explained. “The BSN helped broaden my clinical knowledge and enhanced my ability to help patients live healthier, happier lives.”

An additional, but very satisfying aspect of achieving higher education involved her son. “I’ll never forget the look on my son’s face at my graduation,” she said. “He was so proud – it made me want to earn more degrees!”

Every day

Even with her recent accomplishment, Goza is considering further schooling for medical filmmaking or to become a nurse practitioner. For right now, she’s says she’s happy every day. “I have the best job in the world and I look forward to coming here every day.”

If you have received care from an exceptional TMC nurse, please nominate them for a Daisy Award by completing our brief online form.



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