A ‘reward better than anything else’ – Why a TMC employee volunteers



Employees are Tucson Medical Center’s greatest resource – the nearly 4,000 women and men who put patients and the community first – employees like Cindy Knowlton.

In the TMC financial services office, where Knowlton has worked for 15 years, you’re likely to hear complex, medical billing and fiduciary terms. For Knowlton, her dedication goes much further than facts and figures, and 8 to 5.

Choosing to give back

Knowlton has chosen to give back, investing hundreds of hours volunteering at the various TMC events throughout the year – helping fit bike helmets for children, providing free car seats, distributing healthy lifestyle information and many other endeavors that support the health and well-being of the community.

A dream come true

What has motivated Knowlton to become such a passionate and committed volunteer? “TMC was there for me, and I want to be there for TMC,” Knowlton said. “TMC is a very respectful place to work – they have provided great training, support and opportunities to grow my professional skills.”

In 2011, Knowlton was a single-mom working through the economic downturn. She still had dreams of owning her own home and TMC helped make her dream a reality.

“TMC was providing down payment assistance for employees who qualified,” explained Knowlton. “Owning my home has made an incredible difference in my life – and I’m glad to be a part of TMC’s community support efforts.”

A positive tired

Knowlton says there’s been an unexpected but satisfying aspect of volunteering. “It’s the stories from people in the community,” she said. “When a total stranger greets you with a hug and says ‘I have to tell you what TMC did for my family,’ it’s a great feeling.”

TMC presents at many well-attended events and Knowlton is candid about her efforts. “I’m tired after a volunteer shift, but it’s a positive tired,” she said. “It’s a tired that feels well-deserved because we’re making a difference – and it’s a prefect way of showing we’re not just a hospital, and that we’re caring for the community we serve.”

Better than anything else

Knowlton’s service means so much to her that she’s taken to recruiting others. “If you have the time to do it – you should do it,” she said. “The reward is much better than anything else.”

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