Going above and beyond – Mission Moment

Rhonda Bodfield, right, leading a Zumba class at Armory Park during 2016 Beyond! commemoration events. Photo: A.E. Araiza

We all have that person in our office – that positive, first to volunteer, always going above and beyond, trying to make the day brighter for everyone, person – like Rhonda Bodfield, the director of Communications at TMC.

Bodfield is respected by her coworkers for her professionalism, strong work ethic and pleasant demeanor – no surprise; she takes it a step further, demonstrating TMC’s dedication at local events.

“She is one of our best and most active volunteers,” said Jessica Mitchell, program manager for outreach at TMC. “We see her at five to six TMC events throughout the year, from the Summer Safari Friday Nights to Be Safe Saturdays.”

If you have been to a TMC event or visited a TMC booth at a community event, then you’ve probably seen Bodfield helping fit a bike helmet for a child, handing out helpful information or discussing public health.

“It’s not just that she volunteers, but how she volunteers,” said Mitchell. “She really wants to help people and you can see that it’s rewarding to her – her participation inspires other TMC employees to volunteer too.”

The next time you are enjoying one of Tucson’s many, fun community events, stop by the TMC booth and say hello to Rhonda.


  1. Shannon Weiss says:

    Women should lead !

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