Tango, Diapers, and Community

Mimi Coomler learning to tango

Mimi Coomler learning to tango

Can you remember your first ballet or tap shoes? How thrilling it was to put on the costume for your first dance performance?

Mimi Coomler, CEO of Children’s Clinics and former director of Women’s and Children’s Services at Tucson Medical Center, has no such memories. Coomler never took dance lessons as a child nor as an adult, at least not until recently. “Dance is brand new to me – I have never taken a single lesson before this. It has been an amazing experience. Learning to tango has been an opportunity to be vulnerable and try something completely new. While it is scary, it is also exhilarating.”

In just a few short weeks Coomler steps out onto the dance floor in front of an audience of 500 and tangos to raise money for a cause close to her heart: the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona.

We asked Coomler just what it was about this cause that persuaded her to step way outside her comfort zone and commit considerable time to practice after a very full day at the clinic, “The Children’s Clinics (where I work) is so fortunate to be a Diaper Bank distribution site.  The Diaper Bank helps us fulfill our mission of supporting the special needs of children families who are dealing with complex health care needs.” By having distribution sites, like the Children’s Clinics, across southern Arizona the Diaper Bank helps close the diaper gap where those with diaper needs are. Like Children’s Clinics, the distribution sites reflect a much more complex and wider need than the general population often considers from the very young, to the medically compromised, to the elderly, the Diaper Bank serves all age groups.

The annual Dancing With Our Stars fundraiser is based on the wildly popular ABC series “Dancing with the Stars,” but Coomler swears she isn’t looking at the current series for inspiration, “I have not been watching the current season of Dancing with the Stars, but I have watched many of the tango performances from years passed on YouTube. The level of dancing can be intimidating to watch, but my teacher reminds me they practice eight hours per day.”

When she considers who is her biggest challenger among the fellow contestants, she singles out TMC Chief of Staff J. Manny Arreguin, M.D., with El Rio OB/GYN Associates. “I think Dr Arreguin is a real contender. He’s been practicing hard and I know he believes in the mission of the Diaper Bank. My strategy is to practice hard and pack sequins onto my dress to sparkle my way to the win.”

“My instructor, Miro Tymosiak, is fantastic and he corrects me – often – as I am learning. My kids have been to a few lessons, and they think it’s hilarious that I get scolded occasionally – just like they do.”

Show Mimi and the Diaper Bank your support with a vote for Mimi and Miro. Each vote costs just $10 and along with the prestige it brings to the winning dance couple, the Diaper Bank is able to distribute $30 worth of incontinence supplies to the most vulnerable members of our community.

Tucson Medical Center is the proud title sponsor of the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona’s Dancing With Our Stars.



Six reasons why your family needs a primary care physician

Six reasons why your family  needs a primary care physician

Why do you need a primary care physician?

You feel fine. No major illnesses, the occasional sniffle, and that niggling headache of course, and your mom just got diagnosed with high cholesterol, but you? You feel fine. You haven’t seen a doctor since you had to rush into urgent care that weekend two years ago.

The time to go to the doctor is when you’re sick right? You don’t have time right now.


Establishing a relationship with your primary care physician has all kind of benefits:

  1. Saving time and money
  2. Try getting in to see a doctor quickly if you don’t have a primary care physician.
    They’ll want you to have had a new patient appointment to get a history and baseline information first. Those long appointments are usually at set times and not as flexible as regular appointments. Having a primary care physician established means the office is more able to squeeze you in for a quick appointment or call you back to discuss an issue and get you back on your feet and maybe back to work quickly.
  3. Back on the road to recovery
    A primary care physician can follow-up and make sure you’re on the way to recovery following a visit to an emergency room.
  4. Keep you up to date
    Whether it’s a new flu strain, or new screening wellness guides your primary care physician can help you stay current on vaccinations and preventative screenings maintaining your good health.
  5. A doctor who looks at the whole you
    Your cardiologist is worrying about your heart rate, your neurologist your seizures, but who is looking at the big picture? Your primary care physician can oversee management of your overall health – they’re able to see results from all specialists and able to get the big picture. And because they have a relationship with you they can help come up with a plan if you have complex medical needs. Which leads us to,
  6. Someone you can talk frankly with about your health concerns
    With a relationship that develops over time, a primary care physician can better understand what matters to the patient regarding lifestyle choices, health goals, etc. Building trust and a connection is an important piece of the relationship between a patient and a primary care physician. If you have a good relationship it is easier to share those pertinent factors that you  might be shy about otherwise.

Don’t have a primary care physician? Let us help you find one today! Call toll-free 1-844-TMC-CARE for assistance.

Still time to join the fun at Saturday’s TMC Meet Me Downtown 5K Night Run

????????????????????It’s been described as a massive block party with a run/walk, concert and child entertainment all rolled into one! Yep, it’s that time of year again and there is still time to register for the TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run. The first of the three events that make up the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown, Meet Me Downtown isn’t just a fun time, it’s also great for our community. $10 from each registration go toward a host of local non-profits including Gabe’s favorite, Child and Family Services. If you haven’t registered, you can sign up online here through midnight, May 29th. Teams can still register through May 29th too.

In-person registration and packet pick-up this weekend:

FRIDAY, May 31
6:00 – 8:00 pm: Running Shop Wine and Cheese Happy Hour-join us for an enjoyable evening with registration and packet pickup at the Running Shop, 3055 North Campbell, north of Glenn.

10:00 am – 1:00 pm: Registration and packet pick-up at The Running Shop (3055 North Campbell, north of Glenn)

5:00-6:30 pm: Registration and packet pick-up at the race site
200 South Sixth Avenue, in front of the Children’s Museum

Cool details on the hot race night

Team Challenge Deadline May 29th!
Sign up a team of 5 or more from work, from church, from school, or anywhere; biggest team wins $150 to Maynard’s Kitchen and all teams eligible for $150 raffle to Hotel Congress – you can walk, you can run, just do it with five or more.

Free Children’s Mile starts at 6:30 PM
We want every child in Tucson to walk or run a mile with Mayor Rothschild. Everyone is free, so bring your family and do a mile with the kids! Sign up online for free here or in person this weekend.

Special guest
This year the special guest is Lorraine Moller, Olympic Marathon bronze medalist and current President of the Lydiard Foundation. One of the world’s leading authorities on running coaching, running training, and women’s running, Lorraine will speak and sign copies of her autobiography at the Friday Night Running Shop Wine and Cheese.

This promises to be a super-fast course along the wide downtown boulevards with neighbor support, plus prize money for top finishers and age group awards in 5-year categories. TMC Meet Me Downtown is the Arizona State RRCA Championship, with additional awards for open, masters (40+), grand masters (50+), and senior grand masters (60+) categories for both men and women. Middle-of-the-pack Award Donated by Etherton Galleries: the person who is the exact middle of the finishing results on race night will receive the wonderful 376 page A Gift of Angels: The Art of San Xaxier de Bac, by the renowned art historian Bernard Fontana with photographs by Edward McCain

Cox Communications is providing jumping castles and TMC and the Children’s Museum are hosting play activities for the kids, plus, PhotoFunBooth will be on hand! The Cortiva Institute is providing massage students for free post-race massages for participants, while local daredevils Cirque Roots will do a fire show after the race. Food trucks such as Dragoon Cafe, Trucking Good Cupcakes, and Isabella’s Ice Cream will also on hand for purchasing snacks.Tucson’s music queen, LeeAnneSavage and the Curveball Cowboys, will rock the house. Post-Race After-Party at Hotel Congress and Maynard’s Kitchen

Want to host a cheer zone?

Contact the race director at raccetta2@cox.net if you and your group want to set up a Cheer Zone to encourage runners and walkers.

Meet Me Downtown Beneficiaries

Part of the 2013 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown, the TMC Meet Me Downtown Night Run celebrates the spirit of Gabe Zimmerman and the best of Tucson: $10 from every entry benefits the following local charities:

Children’s MuseumTucson
Tucson Museum of Art
Cox Charities
Cinema La Placita
Greater Tucson Leadership
Educational Enrichment Foundation
Child and Family Resources
Southern Arizona Roadrunners

Mayor’s Challenge

TMC Meet Me Downtown is part of the Mayor’s 100 Mile Challenge.

Register here for Meet Me Downtown!

Twinkle Toes and Foxtrots – TMC’s Chief Operations Officer Steps Out into the Limelight

By day Linda Wojtowicz is the Chief Operations Officer at TMC. By night? Ginger Rogers look out!

This Friday Linda will chassé and step out on the ballroom dance floor all in the name of diapers. Diapers? Yes, diapers. Linda is one of the stars of the annual Dancing with Our Stars fundraising event for The Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona.

Linda took some time out of her dance practice to answer our questions.

Have you been been secretly watching Dancing with the Stars for tips and strategy?

Well, I never saw it before. When I learned I would be dancing the foxtrot, I wanted to see what it looked like.  so I googled it and watched a program on YouTube. I then freaked out completely and never watched it again.

Wait, you’ve never really watched Dancing with the Stars? But you dance, right?

I have NEVER danced a step before, but I have been practicing like crazy and am totally into it. The lessons learned are that I can use right and left brain which is really really fun!

Whoa! So, it really is like Dancing with the Stars? Complete novices learning to dance with the professionals. Ok, let’s add a bit of healthy competition in here, out of your fellow contestants who are you most concerned is going to dance off with the win?

I am very concerned about Joseph Blair, the basketball player and his partner, who is very quick and goooood.

It takes gumption to get out there, but the cause is important. What is it about the Diaper Bank’s mission that resonates with you?

This is the first time I have been involved with Diaper Bank. I have heard lots of stories about elderly folks in need, but the stories about the kids in need really got to me. I think of my grandkids and think about what it would mean if they didn’t have this basic need met.

The Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, the first diaper bank in the nation, addresses a gaping hole in the social safety net by providing diapers to old, disabled and young alike. Diapers aren’t covered by food stamps and there are few resources to support the most vulnerable among us and address this little talked about need. Over the past few years the need has grown and while the Diaper Bank distributes over 600,000 diapers and incontinence supplies, the requests total over 1.5 million.

Support Linda’s effort by donating to The Diaper Bank. Add “Stuff the Box for Linda Wojtowicz” on your check or credit card donation and help her take home the trophy! You can also join us at Dancing with Our Stars this Friday by purchasing a ticket here, or donate sealed packages of diapers and adult continence supplies, host a diaper drive or give to the Diaper Bank (donations of up to $200/individual can be applied to the working poor AZ tax credit.)

Tucson Medical Center | 5301 E. Grant Road | Tucson, Arizona 85712 | (520) 327-5461