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  1. I am sending your department my paintings of oils. I have been painting for over 45 years or more. Such as portraits,scenery and other projects. I hope you like them. I have painted muriels before with sucessful endings such as first place at the Pima County Fair.

  2. With nearly 100 murals completed in the past 10 years, on many different surfaces, from vignettes to over 100 feet long, landscapes, animals, autos, people and still life. I have painted for Non-profits,schools and private commissions.Working alone or with art groups, kids and youth. My work ethics are good, completing on or before deadlines. I refer my work as art on walls that would stand alone as fine art work.
    As my color sketch shows a “Southwest Eden”, a peaceful landscape, with many animals hidden in plain view, flowers and a stream as well as local plant life.I will prime the area and then paint as I would paint at my easel, sky down to foreground, top to bottom.
    I receive complements from all ages that appreciate the work I do on my murals, the clarity, true to nature.. I paint what could be there with realistic style, one could stand in front of it and feel like they could walk right into the painting. To see nature in a “Southwest Eden”, picture yourself there by the stream would be a good place to be, especially for the seniors.
    I work pretty fast, I have the equipment, experience and the eagerness to have another piece of my art enjoyed by many.I have come out West to paint, and paint I have. With over 100 murals and over 500 studio paintings to my credit I still “just want to paint”.
    Doug Quarles

    P.S. I have been trying to enter my information and pictures sense Wednesday. I find that I cannot post pictures here, please allow me to send as soon as possible.

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