100,000 mile runner gets back in the race

Neil Rosen running100,000 miles – Neil Rosen is one of the few dedicated and tenacious runners to reach this mark, enduring more than 30 years of running in sweltering summers and frigid, icy winters . Running 55 miles a week is not for the faint of heart – or body. Having competed in more than 700 races and marathons, Rosen is no stranger to the pains and strains of the sport.

Rosen retired almost 4 years ago, moving from his longtime home in Philadelphia to pursue a passion. “Running is my passion – it has kept me centered and grounded for many years,” Rosen said. “Tucson has some of the best running weather, and one of the strongest running communities.”

But a little over a year ago persistent pains in his abdomen got his attention when he started losing weight and having to run less. “At first I thought they were just dehydration pains,” Rosen said. “Slowly, the pains got worse and eventually I wasn’t even running 20 miles a week.”

Time to go in

In the evening of October 11, the ardent runner had enough of the intensifying pains. “My wife, Gail, and I decided it was just too much and we went to the Emergency Department at TMC.”

A CT scan revealed an infected appendix – a serious condition that required surgery right away. This was startling news for the healthy athlete who had never stayed a night in the hospital.

“It happened pretty fast – I was admitted right away and surgery was scheduled the next day,” he said. “The caring attitude of everyone made me feel very safe, from the nurses and doctors to the food and environmental staff.”

Surprise turn, strong outcome

Rosen’s appendix was removed the following day, and he received some unexpected news. “The surgeon explained I had a rare condition called chronic appendicitis,” he said. “I learned it can be life-threatening and I still needed an appendectomy.”

Rosen spent an additional night in the hospital and was released the next day. “I didn’t need any pain meds and I had no complications,” said Rosen. “I’m already back to running 30 miles a week and the pains haven’t come back – not even a little.”

Saying thanks

“I wanted to show my gratitude, say thanks – but how do you really do that for medical professionals?” Rosen said. “I gave them a five-star rating on Facebook but it didn’t feel like enough, I just want them to know they are terrific and I couldn’t have hoped for better care.”

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