Dr. Balserak promoted to brigadier general

James Balserak, M.D., F.A.C.S., with Southwest Surgery Associates, was promoted to brigadier general this past Friday at the 162nd Fighter Wing Arizona Air National Guard headquarters on Valencia.

In addition to his surgery practice here in Tucson, Balserak is assigned to the Assistant for Mobilization and Reserve Affairs, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) Force Health Protection and Readiness, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

Balserak  has served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. For more info about his military work read this October 2008 article in the Tucson Citizen.

Balserak’s colleagues join him at his ceremony. From left to right, Dr. Thomas Rotkis, Dr. Daniel McCabe, Dr. Jolyon Schilling; Dr. Matthew Atlas; TMC President & CEO Judy Rich, Balserak, Dr. Gregory Robertson. Photo courtesy of Dr. Atlas.

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