TMC’s new Chief Strategic Officer: happy to “be home”

ResslerFor TMC’s new Vice President, Chief Strategic Officer Dave Ressler, it’s great to be home.

Ressler returned to TMC earlier this year following a thirteen year stint as CEO – four years at Sierra Vista Regional Health Center, and nine years at Aspen Valley Hospital in Colorado.  He worked at TMC in 1999 as Vice President, Business Development, and spent time as a Marketing Coordinator for TMCare Health Network and as an Account Executive and Marketing Manager for TMC’s owned HMO, Partners Health Plan, starting in 1986.

As you can imagine, a lot has changed since then.  Ressler says one of the biggest differences is how LEAN the organization has become.  At TMC, he sees a hospital that is capable of delivering high quality healthcare while managing the costs of that care.  “At the same time, I see the organization positioned with an ACO and a motivated medical staff ready to work together to provide the full continuum of services needed to manage and improve the health of the population through a coordinated effort. This is all in line with TMC’s role as the only independent community hospital in Tucson.”

As TMC’s Chief Strategic Officer, Ressler is responsible for assisting TMC President and CEO, Judy Rich, with creating, communicating, and implementing strategic initiatives, as well as sustaining them.  Ressler will use data to support the development of innovative programs or services.  He’ll also help identify emerging trends and recommend new initiatives that will help TMC grow.

His role is especially important considering how healthcare is changing, and the financial difficulties of the Southern Arizona market.  “An organization can’t continue to operate as it always has with the same recipe that may have proven successful in the past,” he explained.  “I will be involved in helping the organization to develop new competencies and, most importantly, further its alignment with our physicians to insure the mutual success of both.” As part of his responsibilities, Ressler will work closely with Arizona Connected Care, the ACO in which TMC is a member, the Medical Services Organization, Innovative Practices, and TMC’s wholly owned physician practice, Saguaro Physician Group. “Our long term success and ability to perform and meet the community’s healthcare needs is predicated upon our community partnerships and our relationships with our physicians and other providers, and I look to working collaboratively to advance our efforts”, Ressler commented.

That’s exactly what he did most recently at Aspen Valley Hospital, where Ressler is credited with turning around a hospital that was facing significant financial difficulties, and helping it flourish on all fronts.  After establishing such success in Colorado, why come back to Tucson?

“I wanted to return to the first hospital I ever worked in, and become involve in an organization that I believe is forward leaning.  I wanted to help it continue to be successful in the future,” he said.  Ressler believes we are currently in the middle of defining opportunities that will shape TMC in years to come.  “I’m excited to be working with the administration and the board to define specifics about how TMC is going to position itself to take advantage of – not  just respond to – the sweeping change that is occurring.”

Another big influencer in his decision to come back to Tucson – it’s where he considers home.  “My parents are here and I love the desert.  I find that Tucson is uniquely large enough to offer all of the cultural events that you’re looking for and yet still be a small town.”

Adjusting to the culture of wellness that is developing at TMC will be an easy task for Ressler, who loves to run, cycle, hike, camp and do anything outdoors with his family.

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