Accepting a change of plans: The evolution of the C-section experience

Giving birth via C-section is not how you envisioned it … it wasn’t part of your birth plan. Your doctor has explained the whys – the logical reasons why a vaginal birth isn’t the best approach for you and your baby’s safety. You know it’s the right thing to do, but in your mind there are questions. Will I get to hold my baby first? Am I missing out on an important part of the experience?

Golden Hour for those undergoing C-section

The first hour of your baby’s life – called the Golden Hour – is important for so many reasons; it’s your first glimpse at their tiny face, first touch of their skin and opportunity to establish the bond so important to growth and development. And most importantly a key factor in successful breastfeeding, which is proven to benefit your baby’s health in many ways.

Until recently, these firsts were not always experienced by women who had a C-section.

A program in Labor and Delivery at TMC is changing that for many women with a new type of surgery drape and a new process after you give birth to get your baby in your arms faster.

How we’re making it happen

The new dual-sided surgery drape, with a solid side for the surgical moments and a clear side that allows you to see your baby emerge, means you won’t miss the very first moments of your child’s life. You aren’t separated from the process, “I’ve seen surgeon and patient talking and laughing … it’s so different than with the traditional drape,” said Crystal Gulotta, Labor and Delivery nurse and author of the project .

With a goal of taking your baby’s first vitals and measurements, and putting on a diaper and hat while mom is cleaned up, the next step to this new C-section program ensures that when you leave the OR, your baby is on your chest getting the skin-to-skin contact that is so important.

What moms are saying

One new mom said of the experience with the new drape and the skin-to-skin contact, “It was truly one of the best parts of having my baby. I was very concerned about who would get to hold my baby before me and how long it would be before I got to hold him. This was the answer to all of my worries. I was so thankful! We don’t know why someone wouldn’t want to do this.”

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