Community partnership establishes new housing program to break addiction cycle

Tucson Medical Center and CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness are partnering with the Connie Hillman Family Foundation to launch an important, transitional housing program for mothers in recovery from substance use disorders, promoting sustainable recovery and keeping families together.

As established in the Pima County Community Health Needs Assessment, substance use disorders continue to be a top health challenge in our community. Mothers discharged from inpatient substance use treatment face common hardships, such as poverty, housing, limited economic opportunity and lack of support services that lead to relapse and threaten families.

TMC and CODAC are taking a proactive step, committing to a transitional housing collaborative with each providing elements of their specialties to ensure a safe and stable housing environment. In addition, mothers will have access to aftercare treatment, life-skill training, pediatric care and other evidence-based services that facilitate recovery and independence.

Each member will receive a behavioral-health evaluation and an individualized, integrated behavioral and physical health treatment plan, including medication management and counseling therapies. Services incorporate life-skill building, such as communication, budgeting, parenting, employment/vocational and daily living. A CODAC recovery coach facilitates these services and works on-site to offer real-time assistance. Residents will also participate in outpatient recovery services at CODAC’s treatment centers.

“This program is specifically designed for mothers and their families,” said Dennis Regnier, CODAC president and CEO. “CODAC has a long history of providing unique substance use treatment to women and their children. Through this partnership, we’re taking the next critical step in providing comprehensive support services to break the cycle of addiction and create a stable – and very literal – foundation for recovery and long-term health of the whole family.”

TMC support programs will help families connect to the appropriate medical care, including postnatal and developmental services. Recovering moms will receive wellness, nutrition and home safety education. And TMC child-life specialists will provide activities for children that build cognitive skills and healthy relationships.

“This effort will provide the meaningful care and support families need to build healthy and happy lives together,” said Judy Rich, TMC president and CEO. “Together, we’re building a pathway to independence and sustained recovery.”

The Connie Hillman Family Foundation has provided a generous grant to renovate and properly outfit the 16-unit apartment complex near E. Monte Vista Drive and Alvernon. The apartment complex will open in January of 2019, with the ability to house up to 19 women and their children; one unit will be utilized as a community room and counseling office.

TMC Foundation recognized the shared mission and vision of TMC, CODAC and the Connie Hillman Family Foundation, in bringing the community partnership together, creating an opportunity to boost the positive impact of the transitional housing program.

“We are grateful to The Connie Hillman Family Foundation which has made it possible to meet the critical needs of a vulnerable population,” said Michael Duran, TMC vice president and chief development officer. “Investing in the transitional housing program is an important step toward a long-term solution that creates better outcomes for families and our community.”

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