‘I Choose Dedication:’ Words of Encouragement

Organizational values identified by TMC employees (Dedication, Compassion, Integrity, Community) are among the reasons people ‘Choose Well’ when they choose Tucson Medical Center.

TMC has launched an internal campaign to celebrate examples of those who demonstrate these values every day.  Here’s another example of those who “choose Dedication”


A comforting word can an important part of patient care, and Deloros Gomez makes sure to deliver reassurance in her role as a Women’s Surgery nurse.  She circulates among pre-op, the operating room, and the recovery area.

“I’m dedicated to women’s health and well-being, because I am a woman – and I know what it’s like to be the patient,” she says.

“During pre-op, which is the area I enjoy the most, I get to meet the patient and go through expectations – helping them to feel safe, that they are being cared for by someone who is dedicated.

“I take a lot of pride, making sure they feel safe, making sure their questions are answered.  Most people are very scared, and they need that person to explain everything to them – so they feel when they go to sleep, someone is still going to be there for them as an advocate, to take care of them from the beginning to the end, keep them safe, and make sure all things are done to them with dignity and respect. “

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