Dr. Arreguin takes to the dance floor – Dancing with our stars

Dr. Manny Arreguin

Dr. Arreguin’s wife, Roxanne, hopes that the Chief of Staff at Tucson Medical Center and El Rio Ob/GYN Associates physician is channeling his inner Spaniard while he prepares to step out and foxtrot in front of an audience of several hundred next week in the name of charity.

Under the tutelage of dance instructor Ramona Daniel, Dr. Arreguin will be dancing at the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona’s Dancing with Our Stars event. Despite his wife’s confidence, Dr. Arreguin warns us that although he is very athletic, “Graceful, I’m not…I am naturally uncoordinated, despite my Spaniard blood, and dancing is physically and mentally challenging.  All these years what I have considered to be dancing is not dancing, but uncoordinated arrhythmic contractions of my muscles.”

For inspiration Dr. Arreguin has been watching professional dancers Victor Fung and Anastasia Muravyeva. “Not necessarily “Dancers with the Stars”, but rather world champion in many competitions.  Victor is the smoothest man alive!”

What drives someone like Dr. Arreguin with an already full schedule to add dancing to the mix? Jokingly, he says, “I enjoyed my diaper use as an infant and look forward to my end of life use as well.” Of course, jokes aside, that is the point: the elderly as well as children and adults with disabilities often need continence supplies.

On a more somber note Dr. Arreguin explains, “The Diaper Bank is a very important service organization in this community, filling a need that goes overlooked.  As an Obstetrician/Gynecologist I see women and children daily and know that the expense is a difficult thing, especially when there are special needs children involved.”

Fellow competitor, Mimi Coomler named Dr. Arreguin the fiercest of her competition, but Arreguin is staying mum on the topic, “I prefer to not know who my competition is, but prefer the element of surprise.” He’s also keeping secret what he and Ramona have planned for their grand finale, “I just hope I don’t drop my dance instructor!”

This new adventure into dancing for diapers has some added bonuses “I know my wife is very excited about the two of us now being able to dance in public. She would love me to be a dancer.”

Support Dr. Arreguin and the Diaper Bank by voting for him here. Every $10 vote is able to garner $30 worth of diapers for the vulnerable in our community.




TMC doc dons dance shoes to benefit Diaper Bank

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Donna Fulton’s dance background includes nailing the jitterbug in her basement back in the 1950s. So when her daughter, Anne Fulton-Cavett, the chair of Dancing With Our Stars to benefit the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, asked her to compete in the 2015 event, she couldn’t refuse.

Now Fulton, a retired TMC executive and physician in internal medicine, is  spending at least four hours a week with her dance partner in preparation for the May 8 contest at the Westin La Paloma. Tucson Medical Center is the title sponsor.

Fulton’s dance partner is John Caballero, a local professional dancer who has taken part in at least seven Dancing With Our Stars. The pair will compete in the East Coast swing category of the event. Unfortunately for Caballero, though, the jitterbug is related to East Coast swing — but not quite the same.

“He keeps telling me to quit jittering,” laughed Fulton, during an early morning practice at Studio West School of Dance, where Caballero teaches.

“You do a lot of things that are cute,” teased Caballero. “They’re not East Coast swing, but they are cute.”

Caballero came late to professional dancing in his mid-20s, but when he found it, he found his calling. “Teaching students and helping them find dance in themselves is very fulfilling to me,” he said. And his care shows as he leads Fulton all over the dance floor. The difficult moves they practice begin to look second nature.

“It’s an intimate thing,” Caballero said. “You can’t be shy with each other.”

But more important, it seems, is to have fun. “We just end up laughing,” said Fulton.

While nailing their routine is important, so is raising money for the diaper bank. For $10, people can cast a vote for their favorite local stars. Everyone is encouraged to vote early and vote often. Click here to vote for  your favorite star. 

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