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Thomas Weisman, M.D. Family Practice TMC One

Thomas Weisman, M.D.
Family Practice

As a board-certified family physician, Thomas Weisman, M.D., brings a wealth of experience to TMCOne. For decades, he worked in family medicine and emergency care. Having worked in Rita Ranch for the past 12 years, he knows the community well. He’s excited to now offer his expertise as part of TMCOne – a group that he feels provides a spirit of medical care that is much needed in the Tucson area. He describes this care as “medical care with a heart.”

Dr. Weisman looks forward to earning your trust, and is confident that TMCOne will make a positive contribution to people who live in Southeast Tucson.

▪ What is your background? 

I was born and grew up in New Jersey. I attended Haverford College in Pennsylvania, then graduated from University of Pennsylvania Medical School. I interned at Cook County Hospital in Chicago before opening my own family medicine private practice in West Virginia where I cared for patients for 18 years.  I eventually left private practice and became a full-time Emergency Department physician. Over the next decade, I worked in emergency rooms in West Virginia and California. My family and I decided to move to Arizona where I returned to family practice. I worked in Rita Ranch for 12 years and am thrilled to now provide care to this community through TMC One. I am married with two children.

▪ What inspired you to go into primary care?

A profound experience as a child inspired me to go into primary care. When I was a little boy, I was cared for by my cousin who was a general practitioner. His office was on the second floor of a house and he would often see me at home when I was sick. I have vivid memories of his dark suit, vest, pocket watch and bag that smelled of leather and alcohol. He was extremely dedicated to his work and it seemed like a noble path for my life as well.

▪ What made you decide to come to Tucson?

My family and I decided to come to Tucson because my wife’s family lives here and they love it. My wife fell in love with Tucson, and I followed her lead. Truth be told, the first time I visited here it was 110 degrees out. I wasn’t so sure about uprooting from California but I’ve grown to tolerate the Arizona heat!

▪ What do you think is the biggest health risk facing Southern Arizonans?

I think the biggest health risk facing Southern Arizonans is the rapidly rising cost of care, and the confusion of our health care financial system. Who can keep track of it all?

▪ Do you have any areas that are of particular interest to you?

My interests are primarily focused on internal medicine, which is a major area of my studies. I enjoy family medicine because I’m able to foster a relationship with my patients and their families. Having deep-rooted knowledge of a family and their dynamic allows me to know the full story and therefore provide exceptional care.

▪ Why is it so important for people to get established with a PCP before they get sick?

I know that no one likes to get sick, and no one likes going to the doctor as it can be stressful. But the reality is, people get sick. If you have established a good relationship with your PCP and have faith in them when you’re healthy, it makes things easier when you are sick and need to go see them. From a physician’s perspective, it’s easier to make an accurate diagnosis and create an appropriate treatment plan if you know your patient’s case beforehand.

▪ What has been your most valuable life experience that has impacted your medical career?

My most valuable life experience that has impacted my medical career is having a family. It has helped me relate to so many of my patients. I believe that many of us have similar life problems, and having empathy for each other helps us ultimately understand each other better.

▪  How do you approach your relationship with your patients?

I have found that being a partner to my patients helps me create a plan of care with them rather than for them. I don’t want my patients to look at me as the boss of their health care. My goal is to partner with them to try and keep them healthy, or get them better quickly when they are sick. I use an understanding and patient approach when dealing with my patients and work to not just treat their symptoms, but help organize their care.

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