Tucson Medical Center director honored with HIMSS Book of the Year award

As a proud supporter of the Tucson Festival of Books, Tucson Medical Center is celebrating one of its very own literary talents!

Focused on leadership and management in health care and health information technology, Leading Healthcare IT: Managing to Succeed, by Susan Snedaker, MBA, CISM, CPHIMS, CHCIO, this week received the 2018 HIMSS Book of the Year Award.

The book presents a practical guide for developing passionate, engaged and competent leaders to meet the demands of today’s health care IT environment.

Snedaker is an accomplished IT executive and author. She is the director of Infrastructure and Operations and information security officer for Tucson Medical Center, where she oversees IT infrastructure and clinical engineering. Snedaker’s team developed and deployed innovative technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of the organization. Her approach to cross-team collaboration, clinical engagement and technical innovation has created an IT environment that delivers exceptional results. TMC is a HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 hospital and has ranked as a Most Wired hospital every year since 2012.

“I’m extremely pleased to receive the HIMSS Book of the Year Award,” Snedaker said. “This book represents an amalgamation of what I’ve learned through both education and experience, as well as what I’ve gleaned from working with peers, colleagues and mentors.

“I wanted to create an approachable, user-friendly book – with clear, concise and actionable information – that could accelerate leadership development specifically for healthcare IT. To have this book selected as HIMSS Book of the Year is a great honor.”

Gus Venditto, vice president, content development, HIMSS Media said, “Susan Snedaker’s ‘Leading Healthcare IT: Managing to Succeed’ provides a concise roadmap for professionals who manage, direct or oversee healthcare information and technology. Her insights provide a valuable perspective for readers, and we congratulate her for this significant milestone as an author.”

TMC case study highlights achievements of instituting Stage 7 EMR

Last month, Tucson Medical Center was among 16 hospitals and health systems recognized at the HIMSS12 annual conference in Las Vegas for achieving the pinnacle of implementation of its electronic medical record. Since 2005, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s Analytics’ EMR Adoption Model has tracked the adoption of ell has tracked the adoption of electronic medical record applications within hospitals and health systems across the United States. Institutions work to complete the 8 stages (0 – 7), with the goal of reaching Stage 7: an environment where paper charts are no longer used.

As part of its recognition of these systems and facilities, HIMSS published case studies on 14 Stage 7 hospitals, including Tucson Medical Center, that provide insight and guidance that other health care organizations can emulate. They are also a summary of each winner’s journey to the top of the EMRAM.

Only 65 hospitals in the United States have Stage 7 EMRs. A study by HIMSS and The Advisory Board show they have a very real competitive and quality advantage, as they support the true sharing, information exchange and immediate delivery of patient data to improve process performance, quality of care and patient safety. New research from HIMSS Analytics and The Advisory Board affirms these gains, showing that hospitals with advanced EMR systems report achieving a broad range of benefits, including quality, safety and operational efficiencies.

The data collected for the report, EMR Benefits and Benefit Realization Methods of Stage 6 and 7 Hospitals, indicates that highly advanced EMR environments can produce substantial benefits for individual hospitals and the health care system as a whole. The survey is the first to report results from hospitals that have achieved Stage 6 or Stage 7, providing unique insight into how ERM systems are working for hospitals further along the development track.

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