TMC Infection Prevention League

Hello! I am The Specialist.

Oct 14-20 is International Infection Prevention Week, which highlights efforts in educating healthcare workers, healthcare administrators, and the community about the importance steps in reducing and preventing infections.

I am part of the Infection Prevention League, which is an internal Tucson Medical Center initiative that we now want to share with our valued community. The League is a group of powerful characters who embody all of the important steps in keeping ourselves healthy.

As the “Specialist”, my job is to support the League in ensuring that every infection prevention activity happens all the time, without error.  We are only as effective as our commitment to each infection prevention step.

I make sure that infection prevention at TMC and in the community is based on well established evidence and recommendations.  I identify infection threats and create a plan of attack….I guess that what makes me the brains behind the League!

At TMC, we are committed to protecting our patients, visitors and healthcare staff from infection and we demonstrate this by:

  • Cleaning hands and hospital environment regularly
  • Using CDC Isolation Precautions to keep germs contained
  • Educating our staff about the latest infection prevention activities and the germs that put our patients at risk
  • Monitoring for certain hospital acquired infections and reporting to our staff so they all know where we stand in our mission
  • Continuous review of our infection control program to make it better and more effective
  • And most importantly, never forgetting that it is people’s lives we are affecting and protecting!

I am associated with a dedicated group of real specialists at TMC that are available to the health care staff and patients to explain infection prevention and provide every day support in our mission to keep TMC free of hospital acquired infections.

You can reach out to the Specialists with your questions at,
and follow the TMC Infection Prevention League posts this week and meet all of our members.

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