TMCOne opens specialty clinic on NW side, providing quality care and convenience

TMC One Med Group your health your team OLProviding high-quality care means recognizing all aspects that benefit patients and their families. Convenience matters, and TMCOne’s  new clinic will make quality medical care and treatment more convenient for northwest residents by including commonly needed follow-up services at one location.

TMCOne is opening a specialized clinic on 7510 N. Oracle just south of Magee road in northwest Tucson. The office will provide comprehensive and specialized care, as well as imaging, IV infusion and health management services.

Susan Vance 1“This unique clinic has been thoughtfully designed to meet varied medical needs in one place,” said TMCOne Executive Director Susan Vance. “From sports medicine and health counseling to imaging and same-day appointments, we’re taking the next step in care.”

Specialties that often converge such as wound care, chronic disease counseling and complex medication regimens can now be managed in one office rather than several clinics. On-site lab and x-ray services will also reduce multiple trips and appointments.

Borrás Carlos
Dr. Carlos A. Borrás has joined the provider team at the Oracle office. He specializes in both internal medicine and sports medicine, providing a needed perspective for injuries related to golf, swimming, tennis, and other sports.

Dr. Dawn Lemcke also joins the northwest office, brining more than 30 years of internal medicine experience – and a strong focus on communication with patients and families.

The office is conveniently located for Oro Valley, Marana and northwest Tucson residents. Same-day appointments and expanded hours further enhance accessibility.

Patients can visit or call (520) 324-4910 to schedule an appointment or for further information.





Need a primary care doc? TMC One welcomes new internal medicine physician

Dr. Katie Kellogg Internal Medicine TMC One

Dr. Katie Kellogg
Board-Certified, Internal Medicine

Mutual trust and respect are two things Dr. Katie Kellogg believes are essential for a successful relationship between a patient and physician. Dr. Kellogg is an internal medicine physician who is new to TMC One. Her focus is on helping her patients prevent diseases and educating them on how to best manage their health. Dr. Kellogg is available to treat patients at TMC One’s Wyatt office, conveniently located on the TMC campus.

Learn more about Dr. Kellogg, her approach to caring for others and how a personal experience impacted her decision to go into medicine. 

What is your background? 

I was born and raised in Southern Colorado. I attended Colorado College for my undergraduate degree. I then went to the University of Colorado for medical school and training. I practiced with Kaiser for a year before moving to Montana where I practiced for five years. I am delighted to now be in Tucson.

What inspired you to become a PCP?

I wanted to become a primary care physician because I have a desire to care for the whole patient rather than focusing on one organ or disease state.

What made you decide to come to Tucson?

I wanted to come to Tucson because I love sunshine and the opportunity to be outdoors all year.

What do you think is the biggest health risk facing Southern Arizonans?

Like all of America, I think the biggest health risk facing Southern Arizonans is obesity and the medical problems that accompany it including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and increased risk for many cancers.

Do you have any areas that are of particular interest to you, both in medicine and also outside of work?

I enjoy working with patients to prevent disease as well as helping them to manage chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. Outside of work, I mountain bike, scuba dive, camp and ride dual sport motorcycles.

Why is it so important for people to get established with a practitioner before they get sick?

We often focus on disease control in our country. Prevention of disease and promotion of wellness should be more emphasized. Often, by the time people realize they are sick due to a chronic illness, irreversible damage has already been done. By working with a provider to monitor overall health early on, many of the complications related to chronic disease can be prevented.

What has been your most valuable life experience that has impacted your medical career?

The most valuable life experience that has impacted my medical career is when my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer when I was age 13. We were extremely close. We played Cribbage and I cooked him dinner at least once a week while he was ill. Watching the illness affect him so quickly and watching the Hospice team help him focused me towards medicine.

How do you approach your relationship with your patients?

I like to work with my patients as a team. I like patients to feel they have some control over what happens with their health. I feel that mutual trust and respect are essential in the patient/physician relationship.

Dr. Kellogg is located at TMC One’s Wyatt office, 2424 N. Wyatt Drive, #100, on the TMC campus.
Valet parking is available! Dr. Kellogg is acc
epting new patients.
Call (520) 324-TMC1 (8621) to make an appointment.

An annual physical: Do you really need one?

Dr. William Abraham Board-Certified, Internal Medicine TMC One

Dr. William Abraham
Board-Certified, Internal Medicine

You’re healthy. You take good care of yourself and have no real ailments. Do you really need to make an appointment for an annual physical? “Absolutely,” said Dr. William Abraham, a board-certified internal medicine physician with TMC One, formerly Saguaro Physicians. “There are a number of medical problems that do not necessarily cause symptoms or obvious physical changes that someone without medical training may not recognize,” said Dr. Abraham. “These problems can often be detected during a physical, which is why it’s so important to see your primary care practitioner once a year.”

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, for example, is referred to as “the silent killer.” It oftentimes goes undetected, and can lead to a heart attack, stroke and even kidney failure. But it can be detected during a routine medical exam. Diabetes, or high blood sugar, can also cause those complications along with an assortment of other potentially devastating ones. How is it detected? A simple blood test. Also in this category – high cholesterol. It never causes symptoms, but can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Oftentimes people may not realize they have high cholesterol until it’s too late and they have suffered something catastrophic.

A routine blood test can also detect anemia, which can be a sign of undetected bleeding, malnutrition, vitamin B12 deficiency or numerous other possible illnesses. And it can easily detect other metabolic abnormalities such as decreased kidney function.

A once-a-year check of your heart also makes getting a physical invaluable. “When a practitioner listens to your heart or performs an electrocardiogram, they can detect heart disease such as atrial fibrillation. This common, irregular heart rhythm increases the risk of stroke but can be treated with medication to reduce your risk,” explained Dr. Abraham.

Your primary care practitioner can also examine your skin at a screening exam – a good way to detect pre-cancers and cancers of the skin, particularly in areas that are hard for someone to see on their own body, like their back or the top of their head.

One part of the Affordable Care Act requires that insurance companies cover 100 percent of an annual physical so that no co-pay is required, even with high-deductible insurance policies. The only exception is Medicare and certain Medicare managed care plans. It’s best to check with your insurance company about your coverage.

Dr. Abraham has more than 30 years of experience and is available for same-day appointments including annual physicals if you are finding it difficult to get in to your regular provider.

His office is located at 1396 N. Wilmot Road in Tucson, 85712.
Call (520) 324-2160 to make an appointment.

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