New to Memory Loss? TMC Senior Services Can Help

Make a mental note that the Alzheimer’s Association designates Sept. 21 as World Alzheimer’s Day.  In fact, all of September is officially World Alzheimer’s Month, with a  purple “END ALZ” theme to push for solutions to the problem.

Programs offered year-round by Tucson Medical Center’s Senior Services help those dealing with dementia-related challenges, including an active Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias Project.

A special introductory session – “New to Memory Loss” – is offered periodically for those dealing with new memory-related diagnoses in themselves or their loved ones.  This talk is open to the public and, for those who are eligible, the session leads into a six-week Self Management Course on Memory Loss.

“Thank you so much for having a class on memory loss,” wrote one woman whose husband had been struggling with memory issues. “During the class he kept saying, ‘That’s me, I do that, I say that.’  My husband right away said he would like to take the workshop.  He went through two interviews and was accepted.

“It has helped him tremendously.  He is a different person.  He says he has learned what is happening to him and what is in the future.  I have my old husband back.  He still has memory loss, but he understands.”

The one-hour introductory session on memory loss, open to the public, is Thursday, Sept. 20, at 1 p.m. at the TMC Senior Services Classroom, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot.  Then, for those who are eligible, a six-week Self Management Course on Memory Loss starts Thursday, Sept 27.  The full course, with limited enrollment, requires a pre-registration interview and diagnosis of memory impairment.

For more information and registration on this session or other future offerings, contact TMC Senior Services, 324-1960.

Tucson Medical Center | 5301 E. Grant Road | Tucson, Arizona 85712 | (520) 327-5461