Rep. Ethan Orr supports Gov. Brewer’s Medicaid expansion plan

Rep. Ethan Orr speaks at a Medicaid Expansion Rally at TMC.  He breaks down what’s at stake financially for the state of Arizona.

“The impact on our state budget will be hundreds of millions of dollars.  This decision could infuse billions into our state economy.  In fact, as the Governor mentioned, over the next four years, it will infuse $8 billion into our state and local economies.  Now that is a lot of money.” -Rep. Ethan Orr during today’s Medicaid Expansion Rally at TMC.

Call or email your legislators.  Better yet, DO BOTH.  Let them know how important this issue is to you, your family and Arizona.  Ask your family and friends to do the same.  Time is short.  Now is when action matters!


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