Mission Moment: Bringing comfort to a patient in need

Tucson Medical Center employee Rochelle Kee went above and beyond, providing exceptional health care with compassion for a patient struggling to find needed medical equipment.

A health crisis can be frightening and overwhelming – which is why TMC employees actively look for ways to bring comfort and peace of mind to patients.

If you have walked by the TMC Outpatient Check-In Desk, then you’ve been met with a helpful smile from Kee, who has been a patient service representative at TMC for the last three years.

“I help patients check in for procedures, radiology and more,” she said. “The ‘more’ part covers a lot – because if I can’t help you, I’ll find the right person who can.”

Recently a patient approached Kee, though he wasn’t checking in – he had been discharged from the Emergency Department with a prescription for a cane and was looking for help.

“The gentleman was limping and I could tell he was suffering,” Kee said. “He was so frustrated and upset because every provider was too expensive or didn’t take his insurance.”

Kee took the initiative to call several locations. “Some of the locations couldn’t help and the few that could were across town, and he didn’t have transportation.”

The elderly patient seemed to lose all hope. “He said he was going to give up,” said Kee “But I don’t give up.” She had an idea – and asked the patient to wait a few more moments.

Kee went across the street to the Teal Saguaro, a thrift store operated by the TMC Auxiliary with proceeds supporting TMC and its services.

“He just couldn’t believe it when I came back with a cane for him,” said Kee. “And I couldn’t believe it when he started crying – he even gave me a hug.” Although Kee bought the cane herself, she presented it to the patient as a Christmas gift from TMC.

Her act of kindness quickly spread, with other TMC personnel offering the patient lunch at the nearby café inside the hospital.

Several fellow employees witnessed Kee’s interaction with the patient, and nominated her for a “Caught in the Act” recognition.

At TMC, we aspire to serve our community by being the best health system as defined by the quality of care we deliver, the experiences we create and the value we bring. Employees like Rochelle Kee help make the hospital’s vision a reality, every day.

“I just want to help people the best I can,” she said. “I feel blessed in my life and I hope I can be a blessing to others.”

Tucson Medical Center earlier this year adopted a new mission statement. To celebrate, we are sharing an ongoing series of “mission moments.”

What are mission moments? They aren’t necessarily dramatic stories of heroism, although our medical staff saves lives every day. These are moments that breathe life into words – moments that are profound or powerful or touching and that remind us why we do the work we do.

Hundreds of these reminders happen every day. Thank you for letting us share some with you.

Do you have a TMC mission moment you’d like to share?

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