Positively Sexy: Healthy Aging and Sexuality event this Friday

TMC Senior Services will host its 6th annual Healthy Aging and Sexuality Event: Positively Sexy this Friday, Feb. 15, from 2 – 5 p.m. at TMC’s Marshall Conference Center.

The workshop will provide a comfortable setting for older adults to come together and learn about sexuality, sensuality and the clinical aspects of aging.  “This event will be an opportunity for people to learn about how our bodies change as we age, and how that may affect our sexual well-being,” explains L’Don Sawyer, TMC Senior Services Director.

“We will address the questions many people may not be comfortable discussing with their health care provider.  Is it okay to have sex after a heart attack?  What medications may affect my sex life?  What can I do about erectile dysfunction?  This is a chance for people to get their questions answered,” says Sawyer.

Dr. Pal Evans is a retired OB/GYN, the current chairman of the Pima Council on Aging, and works with TMC’s Senior Services programs.  In the video below, he tells us why he thinks seniors’ sexuality is such a taboo topic in our society, and why it’s such a difficult conversation for health care professionals to have with their patients.  Also, find out what he thinks is the biggest misconception people have about this topic!

For information about the event, including how to RSVP, please click here.

BBB Warns Seniors of Medicare Scam

Better Business Bureaus (BBB) across the country have received calls from seniors being targeted for Medicare fraud. Seniors in northern Arizona report receiving calls from individuals claiming to be with Medicare offering “free” items such as a back brace and diabetic supplies, in exchange for consumers’ financial and personal information. Due to the high likelihood that callers are not associated with Medicare, Better Business Bureau (BBB) is alerting the senior community to be wary of calls offering Medicare benefits.

According to seniors, the phone rings and caller identifies themselves as a representative from Medicare. The caller proceeds to offer “free” items to entice consumers to provide their Medicare number, as well as insurance and personal information. In another scenario, the caller claims “all seniors are getting a new Medicare card” and, for verification purposes, they must provide the bank account number associated with their social security benefits.

For more on this story, click here to visit the Arizona Better Business Bureau’s webpage.

Honoring services to seniors

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TMC Senior Services hosted its annual holiday party today to recognize the vital work of its volunteers. More than 60 people attended a luncheon at Tucson Country Club to honor those who help with a variety of programs including:

  • Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias Project
  • Community Outreach
  • End-of-Life Decisions
  • Healthy Living Connections Resource Center
  • Medicare Counseling
  • Seniors Helping Seniors
  • Pet Therapy

Senior Services director L’Don Sawyer recognized some 75 volunteers,  paying special tribute the those who’ve reached milestones of five and 10 years, including:

10 years
Paula Lind
Sue Saaco

5 years
Susan Crigler
Karl Elers
Sharon Peterson
Bev Ross
Frank Sedlar

TMC President Emeritus Donald Shropshire greeted the group and TMC Vice President of Community Benefit Julia Strange acknowledged the group’s dedication to helping others and making Tucson a better place. And the Tucson Barbershop eXperience delighted the audience with a number of holiday tunes.

Read more about Senior Services online, and click 2012 Winter Calendar for a list of upcoming programs.

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