Pregnant? Finding sleep elusive? Try a body pillow!

The ever-changing state of your body during pregnancy inevitably makes getting comfortable enough to beat those fits of insomnia feel impossible. Your body is working to create a new life and an important part of that process is rest.

You know that sleeping on your back again will have to wait and the best position for you and your baby is with you on your side, but that doesn’t make it any easier. With a little help from the right pillow, you’ll ease the strain on your body and get a restful night’s sleep.

As with anything, the best option for you won’t necessarily be the best for someone else. There are a variety of options out there to fit your particular needs.

The pregnancy body pillow – designed in the curved shape and length of your body, this option is like snuggling your partner all night.

The u-shaped pregnancy pillow – the name says it all, this versatile pillow is constructed to wrap around your body from front to back, allowing you to turn from your right to left sides and prop your head up when on your back.

The inflatable pregnancy pillow – shaped like a pool float, this option has a belly-shaped hole that allows you to rest comfortably on your stomach.

The wedge – small and intended for targeted areas, this pillow can be shaped to fit between knees, under the lower back or anywhere else that needs a little help.

“Getting enough rest is vitally important for your body and the development of your baby,” said Stacie Wood, clinical educator for Women’s and Children’s Services and Tucson Medical Center.

Now that you know your options, if you’ve got the DIY spirit and the reluctance to spend extra money, get creative! Hop onto Pinterest and get those creative juices flowing. Check out these pins we’ve saved for you on DIY Pregnancy Pillows.

Need sleep? Maybe not at your local hospital

It’s always helpful during a hospital experience for patients to know what to expect. Realistically, one thing to expect is to not receive the very best sleep at night. This New York Times health blog helps illuminate  Why Patients Can’t Sleep at the Hospital.

At Tucson Medical Center, staff rounds  hourly on patients, while simultaneously aiming to be as noiseless as possible during our 10 p.m. –  5 a.m. quiet hours. Still, nighttime interruptions are medically necessary, so we try to do them as quietly as possible to facilitate better restful sleep.

We are very conscious about the noise created in a bustling hospital and have instituted a number of efforts to limit interruptions: we cluster care, close doors when safe, issue ear plugs, always use quiet voices, turn down noisemakers, and work to keep the overall environment quiet.

But realistically, a hospital is just not the place to go for long periods of uninterrupted sleep.

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