Ready or not: Birthing positions for the big day

Baby is coming, birthing positions and resources.As your pregnancy progresses, you are likely starting to envision the actual, physical act of labor. What will it be like? Will you need to bring anything? Will you have the opportunity to try out different positions and birthing aids until you find the right combination?

It’s important to know that even with an epidural, active positioning is necessary as you give birth to promote baby’s progress. Actively engaging your body by moving, rocking, bouncing and squatting is essential to the birthing process because it enhances your comfort and makes the birth move along.

“Patient safety is our top priority and skilled nurses, there every step of the way, to help you along your labor path are essential,” said Stacie Wood, clinical educator for TMC Women’s Services. “Safe positioning is an important tool to help maximize the birth experience.”

The most important thing is to use whatever tools are available to deliver a safe, happy and healthy baby.

If there is something that you are already comfortable using at home – your favorite stability ball for instance – by all means, bring it with you. But you don’t have to come with your own equipment – we’ve got you covered with a variety of birthing aids in different sizes.

And to make sure you have peace of mind, all the while you are out of the bed, your baby can be monitored by either a wireless monitor system or a portable wired monitor.

“Having the freedom to move around is one of the big positives that we offer our moms,” says Wood. “They can still be active and move around freely without losing the feeling of security about the baby’s safety because of the monitors we have.”

There are different tools available for a few purposes during your labor:

  • stability balls, squat bars and squat chairs help your body actively engage in the process;
  • peanut balls allow you to rest in bed while still promoting dilation and the baby’s descent;
  • labor tub and a shower because warmth might be important for your experience.

With the stability ball, your partner also can help out by sitting behind you with a warm pack and providing a massage. (Don’t worry, we’ll do a little training first.)

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