The Beat Goes On, Thanks to Friends of Cardiac Rehab

A new scholarship program is getting under way for patients in TMC Cardiac Rehabilitation who need a little help paying the ‘toll’ on their road to recovery.


The vision behind the scholarship comes from Friends of Cardiac Rehab, current and former cardiac rehab patients who want to maintain a positive connection between patients and the community. They have coordinated a variety of informational and fundraising events as part of their support the TMC Cardiac Rehab, in partnership with the TMC Foundation.


Typically, health insurance will pay for cardiac rehabilitation for patients with heart failure, heart attack, angioplasty and bypass surgery. But there are cases where insurance is unavailable, and some patients may not be able to handle even the reduced fee offered in Cardiac Rehab’s “post-grad” program.  That’s where the new scholarship can help.


In addition, Friends of Cardiac Rehab have just formed a new Volunteer Program.  The idea is to connect with patients who have recently undergone cardiac surgery or other medical procedures to let them know about the benefits of Cardiac Rehab.

“The Cardiac Rehab Volunteers are cultivating a stronger relationship with post-surgery patients at the hospital through one-on-one communication,” said Mark Gaxiola, Cardiac Rehabilitation supervisor.  “These volunteers really want to make a difference in people’s lives by sharing their positive experience at TMC.”


Many people with heart disease, including those who have had a heart attack or a cardiac intervention, are not aware of the benefits of medically supervised cardiac rehabilitation. Such programs will support them in reducing the risk of further heart problems and help them return to an active life.


“Friends of Cardiac Rehab help educate these patients and the general public through outreach community events, health fairs and one-on-one meetings,” Gaxiola said. “In addition, they have raised money to purchase additional exercise equipment for our department, supply patient educational materials, and now create a new scholarship program, with support of the Foundation, for those who need assistance in paying for cardiac rehab services.”


“The TMC Foundation is proud to serve as the fundraising arm for the new scholarship program,” said Michael Duran, VP and Chief Development Officer.  “Many long-time survivors have joined the Friends of Cardiac Rehab as living examples of the program’s benefits, and their efforts are making Cardiac Rehab more accessible for new and ongoing patients.”



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