TMCOne opens specialty clinic on NW side, providing quality care and convenience

TMC One Med Group your health your team OLProviding high-quality care means recognizing all aspects that benefit patients and their families. Convenience matters, and TMCOne’s  new clinic will make quality medical care and treatment more convenient for northwest residents by including commonly needed follow-up services at one location.

TMCOne is opening a specialized clinic on 7510 N. Oracle just south of Magee road in northwest Tucson. The office will provide comprehensive and specialized care, as well as imaging, IV infusion and health management services.

Susan Vance 1“This unique clinic has been thoughtfully designed to meet varied medical needs in one place,” said TMCOne Executive Director Susan Vance. “From sports medicine and health counseling to imaging and same-day appointments, we’re taking the next step in care.”

Specialties that often converge such as wound care, chronic disease counseling and complex medication regimens can now be managed in one office rather than several clinics. On-site lab and x-ray services will also reduce multiple trips and appointments.

Borrás Carlos
Dr. Carlos A. Borrás has joined the provider team at the Oracle office. He specializes in both internal medicine and sports medicine, providing a needed perspective for injuries related to golf, swimming, tennis, and other sports.

Dr. Dawn Lemcke also joins the northwest office, brining more than 30 years of internal medicine experience – and a strong focus on communication with patients and families.

The office is conveniently located for Oro Valley, Marana and northwest Tucson residents. Same-day appointments and expanded hours further enhance accessibility.

Patients can visit or call (520) 324-4910 to schedule an appointment or for further information.





Wound Care Awareness Week – celebrating treatments that are changing lives

Tucson Medical Center is honoring Wound Care Awareness Week by celebrating the treatments and therapies that are improving the quality of life for patients.

WoundCare 1Healing can be taken for granted – and many are unaware that a wound, sore or infection can be a significant challenge for seniors, diabetics and individuals experiencing illnesses that impede healing.

Several years ago, Carolyn Herman began noticing small red bumps that looked like insect bites – but each bump grew into a painful sore that would not heal.

As the sores grew in number and severity, Herman sought help from dermatologists who diagnosed her with Pyoderma Gangrenosum, a rare autoimmune disease whose cause is unknown. It began taking over her life, until she found the TMC Wound Care Center and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

“It’s so frustrating because treating it is so hard,” Herman said. “Any small cut or skin rupture can turn into a very painful lesion.”

Wound Center Lavor“I just felt like things were always going to get worse,” Herman explained. “I saw specialists and wound centers, but it wasn’t getting better. I had tens of lesions on my body.”

In early 2016, Herman’s dermatologist referred her to the TMC Wound Clinic. “Everyone from the desk clerk to the nurses did a wonderful job of making me feel comfortable and at ease.”

Herman saw Dr. Michael A. Lavor, the medical director at the TMC Wound Clinic. Lavor performed surgery to address infections and prescribed ongoing hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy.

“With HBO, the patient enters a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber that looks like a wide hospital gurney with a large, clear acrylic cover – like a tube,” said Heather Jankowski, the director of outpatient services at the TMC Wound Care Center.

Woundcare4“The chamber is filled with 100 percent oxygen, and the air pressure in the chamber is raised– which allows the lungs to safely absorb greater amounts of oxygen,” Jankowski continued. “HBO strengthens oxygen absorption, helping tissue heal more quickly and completely by stimulating growth factors and inhibiting toxins.”

Herman engaged more than 100 treatments, every day for two hours. HBO is not painful and many patients sleep through it. Still, engaging so many treatments can take its toll. “The staff was so good to me, they were always compassionate and thoughtful – it made 117 treatments doable.”

The HBO provided great relief and sped healing. “I’m doing wonderful now – my infections are gone and I’m managing my condition much more easily,” Herman said enthusiastically.

The TMC Wound Care Center has been serving Southern Arizona for five years and treats a wide variety of patients with healing challenges such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, failed flaps, and ORN of the jaw.

For further information about the TMC Wound Care Center, please visit the webpage or call (520) 324-4220. Call (520) 324-2075 for scheduling.


New Hyperbaric Chamber at TMC’s Wound Care Center

As diabetes continues to be on the rise, the need for comprehensive wound care also continues to grow in Tucson. In addition, the rising obesity epidemic and aging population will also contribute to the rising incidence of chronic wounds.

It was this obvious need that originally drove Tucson Medical Center to open an advanced wound care center in March of this year at its El Dorado Health Campus. When it opened, the 4,700 square-foot facility was equipped with two new hyperbaric chambers and five treatment rooms.

Since its opening, the center has experienced a flood of new patients and a rapid increase in procedures conducted.  In March the center completed 192 procedures, followed by 793 in July, and over 1056 in August.  As a result, the Wound Care Center is adding a third hyperbaric chamber to the facility.

Hyperbaric chambers help heal wounds by providing oxygen to the bloodstream and helping the patient heal from within.

What sets these chambers apart from others is their size.

“The reason why the size of a chamber is important is because a patient may spend as much as 2-2 ½ hours a day, five days a week, for six to eight week sessions in these enclosures. These chambers provide a comfort that is second to none and does not compare to smaller chambers,” explains Suzanne Pinon-Martinez, Program Director.

“The new chamber will allow TMC’s Wound Care Center to meet the increasing demand of this kind of treatment in the Southern Arizona community,” says TMC Chief Operations Officer Linda Wojtowicz.

In addition to hyperbaric treatments, the Wound Care Center also performs the employs the latest methods in skin substitute and debridement procedures.  It is one of more than 500 Healogics facilities staffed with highly trained physicians and clinicians who treat chronic wounds through a multidisciplinary approach and advanced treatments.

“We are truly on the breaking edge of wound care technology,” notes Pinon-Martinez.

Comprehensive Wound Care Provided Across the Continuum of Care

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Hard-to-heal wounds,  such as diabetic foot ulcers, can take more than a year to heal, said vascular surgeon Michael Lavor, M.D., last night during the open house for TMC’s new Wound Care Center. But coordinated, evidenced-based treatment across the continuum of care — from the hospital setting to the outpatient setting — can dramatically cut down on the healing time and prevent major complications.

“Above the knee amputations have a 60 percent mortality rate,” he told community physicians, medical office staff, wound care center staff and TMC officials. “It is much better to not have to amputate at all.”

The new Wound Care Center at the El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Road, allows TMC to offer a comprehensive wound care program to manage chronic and non-healing wounds caused by diabetes, circulatory problems and other conditions.

The advanced wound care center, which opened March 5, houses two new hyperbaric chambers and five treatment rooms in the 4,700 square-foot facility.

With diabetes on the rise, the need for comprehensive wound care is only expected to grow, noted TMC Chief Operations Officer Linda Wojtowicz. Twenty-four million people in the United States have the disease, with an estimated 60,000  in Pima County. “And a quarter of those can expect to have complications, including foot ulcers,” she said. “There’s a huge need in our community for this type of service.”

In addition, the rising obesity epidemic and aging population will also contribute to the rising incidence of chronic wounds, according to TMC partner,  Healogics Inc., a national leader in wound-care management. TMC’s wound care center is one of more than 500 Healogics facilities staffed with highly trained physicians and clinicians who treat chronic wounds through a multidisciplinary approach and advanced treatments.

In 2011 alone, the Healogics network cared for more than one million wounds that had failed to heal using conventional methods, achieving a healing rate of 89 percent for these wounds.

“Healogics is committed to advancing wound healing by creating, sharing, and activating wound prevention and care expertise,” said Richard Vandever, Healogics senior vice president. “”Simply put, this means healing more wounds that otherwise wouldn’t heal, thereby preventing amputation for thousands of patients.”

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